The 9 Phases of Quitting 🚫 Sugar 🍩 You're Going to Experience 😩😁😑 ...

Contributing to late onset diabetes, weight gain, illnesses and lowered immunity, sugar is something you definitely should get out of your diet. And to stick to it because the best thing you can do is to kick that sugar to the curb for good! Studies show that sugar can be just as addicting as cocaine and you may go through withdrawal as well as other phases when giving up this addictive indulgence. But once you give this up for just over 30 days, you will find yourself adopting new healthier habits and just feel better!

1. You Think You Got This

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So you made a decision to give up sweets? Great job for taking the first step in deciding to give up sugar. Whether this is for health or weight loss reasons, this is a smart decision to make because sugar has only negative effects on the body. And with giving this addictive substance up, you may think it will be easy but think again! This will be a challenge, but stay strong you can get through this.

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