7 Places with the Most Germs in Your Home ...


7 Places with the Most Germs in Your Home ...
7 Places with the Most Germs in Your Home ...

Are you sure you are cleaning the places with the most germs in your home? I’m not trying to imply that your house may be dirty or that your cleaning skills aren’t up to par. I am just saying that you may find it surprising that some of the places with the most germs are so easily overlooked during our cleaning sprees.

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How ironic is that the main tool most of us use to clean is one of the places with the most germs in our homes? This one skeeves me out big time. I mean, when you really think about it, sponges are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Sponges are moist and dark. Even using antibacterial cleansers doesn’t guarantee your sponge is germ free. What can you do to better your odds? Zap your sponge in the microwave for two minutes on high before use. This is shown to kill 99 percent of bacteria.


Coffee Maker

Some people believe that because their coffee maker is used every day and gets pretty hot, bacteria is already taken care of. Unfortunately this isn’t true. It is not enough to just clean the pot and put in a new filter. The internal piping can get pretty raunchy too. About once a month, run a mixture of half water and half vinegar through. Allow half the mixture to run through to the pot and then shut it off for an hour. This allows the mixture to sit in the piping and reservoir, killing any mold and bacteria. After an hour, complete the cycle. Don’t forget to regularly clean the carafe too.



How long have you had your current pillows? When was the last time they were cleaned? Pillows are another place germs like to hang out. While you are sleeping, germs are having an all night party just a few small centimeters below your face and mouth. If you suffer from allergies, your pillow may be causing you even more trouble. Anti-allergen covers create a removable, cleanable surface between you and your pillow. They will protect allergens and bacteria from seeping into the fibers of your pillow. Just be sure launder them regularly with your sheets.


Makeup Brushes

I bet you haven’t even thought of cleaning your brushes as part of your cleaning or beauty routine. Unfortunately, even if you don’t share your brushes and makeup products, they are still at risk of gathering bacteria and germs. You can stop this germy madness by cleaning your brushes every week and replacing mascara and eyeliners frequently. To wash brushes, swirl them around in soapy water and rinse until the water runs clear. In between cleanings, spray them with a disinfecting spray that contains alcohol. You can find a brush cleaning spray in most makeup departments.


Laundry Bag

Are you surprised to hear that your laundry bag is filthy? Probably not too much, but when was the last time you threw it in the wash with your unmentionables? Aw, exactly, this is where the problem lies. And it is even more disturbing when you use the same old dirty basket or laundry bag to store your freshly washed linens. Ew, right? Here’s a solution, use one basket or bag for your dirties and another for your clean things. Be sure to wash that dirty bag at least once a month and use some sort of disinfectant on plastic totes.


TV Remote

Everyone’s hands have been on that thing. Where were those grubby little fingers before? If you have school aged children, you probably don’t really want to know. Even as respectable adults with good personal hygiene, our hands can carry in some wicked stuff. Keep your TV remote clean by wiping it down regularly with anti-bacterial wipes. Take extra care if anyone in your household is sick.



Oh yeah girlfriend, according to one study done by Nelson’s Lab, there is a good chance your purse is carrying E. Coli and contaminating all the things you put inside of it. Think about it, that bag comes into public restrooms with you, it may sit on the ground under your chair when you are out to dinner, and in the shopping cart at the store. It goes everywhere you go, but does it get a wipe down when you get home? Save yourself and your precious handbag by wiping it over with a disinfecting wipe a couple times a week and running cloth bags through the wash once a week.

I hope I haven’t scared you too much by making you aware of some of the places with the most germs in your home. I know some of these are easily overlooked but now that you are aware of these germ and bacteria breeding grounds, you can take the appropriate steps to killing off these bad guys. Anything on this list surprise you?

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Doorknobs would be another place with lots of germs!

Buy a steamer, that's what I use

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