2. Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women

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Iโ€™m such a fan of Garden of Life products, and especially their probiotic for women, which is completely raw and one of the most potent that Iโ€™ve tried yet. What I love most about this probiotic is the quality behind this product's company. Garden of Life is one of the best companies out there for premium, raw nutrition. I love almost everything this brand produces and most of their products have no gluten, soy allergens, dairy or lactose. The probiotic for women has 85 billion live cultures per 3 capsules, which I take with each meal per day. The 30 day supply is packed with 32 probiotic strains, minerals, added Vitamin D for womenโ€™s bone health and digestive enzymes, so it is pretty powerful in terms of benefits. It has absolutely no binders, carriers or fillers either. This probiotic also promotes vaginal health for women, unlike most other strains, with a targeted bacterial strain specifically for womenโ€™s health. It also promotes thyroid, colon, bowel and digestive function, along with maximum nutrition uptake from your foods.

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