7 Powerful Properties of Cucumbers That You Ought to Know about ...

Besides the obvious tastiness, did you know that there are highly powerful properties of cucumbers for your health? These refreshing veggies do more than just add a refreshing taste to a salad or add a great scent to lotion (cucumber-based lotions are my favorites); they actually do some pretty impressive stuff for your health. If you love this food, you'll be delighted to find out the powerful properties of cucumbers.

1. Eye Aid

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There are some properties of cucumbers that you are probably already aware of. In fact, you've probably tried to use them as an eye aid before. I know that I have - and it has worked! Just cut two slices of cucumber, place one over each eye and let them sit for about five minutes. The components in this veggie help to ease puffiness, giving your eyes a fresh look and making you feel more alert.

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