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7 Pros of Not Having 2020 Vision ...

By Jelena

20/20 vision used to be prerequisite in medieval times, I imagine. Nowadays? Not as much, thank you very much. Seriously, as beneficial as it is not to have to rely on corrective gear to help you recognize your BFF from afar, there is much to be said about the lack of perfect vision. And not all of those are bad things! Seriously, not having perfect 20/20 vision does have its perks and these following few are definitely noteworthy.

1 You Can Always Claim the Best Seat

Or have a really good reason to be super-picky when it comes to seating arrangements – whatever works better for you! The lack of 20/20 vision could be a good excuse to move to the front of the lecture hall (or classroom) and politely avoid sitting next to certain people, plus is a great reason to ask for better seats for theater and movie premieres without triggering the same feelings Game of Thrones fans have for King Joffrey Baratheon.

2 More Accessories to Shop for

From fancy lenses and designer frames to cool and even custom made shells to keep your “gear” out of the harm’s way – who could say no to more tempting stuff to shop for? Had you been blessed with perfect vision, all of these would be a waste of good cash. But hey, we need out corrective gear anyway and there’s no rule that says it has to be god-awful! And, well, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t seem to recall any rules about not being allowed to enjoy shopping for these or choosing to see them as style updates.


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3 You Have a Good Excuse to Change Your Eye Color

Some color-changing contact lenses are good for three months of wear and only cost twice as much as regular monthly ones, which means you’re getting a major, pretty cool and completely reversible appearance change and an extra month of wear for the same amount of cash. The best part? You’re not risking anything because you would have needed to purchase contact lenses anyway.

4 You Have an Excuse for Not Seeing Certain People

Not having perfect vision can prove to be quite handy when you’re trying to avoid boring people. Just use the first escape strategy that comes to mind and don’t worry if you get caught. You can always say you didn’t have your glasses/contacts with you at the time! It doesn’t matter if you did – those tiny details will be forgotten by the time the pesky “friend” manages another chance meeting!

5 You Get Your Eyes Checked Often

And in most cases for free! I mean how cool is that? I get a free check-up with every purchase! Every time I buy a new pair of contacts, need a new pair of lenses fitted into the frame or decide to go shopping for a new frame, I can pay the good doctor a visit free of charge. I don’t do it like every-every time but hey, two-three times a year, sure, why not? We only get one pair of eyes per lifetime, after all. Keeping them in check isn’t a waste of time and, in this case, not a waste of money either!

6 You Can Touch Your Eyeball

Okay, this probably counts only if you’re long-term contact lens wearer but it’s a good trick nevertheless. Useful, too, especially when applying makeup. Oh and let’s not forget the look on people’s faces when they see you putting your contacts in! That mixture of shock and awe…absolutely priceless, isn’t it?

7 You Get to Rock Your Eyewear Indoors

You know that feeling of having a great pair of sunglasses you're just loathe to take off indoors but still have to? Well, prescription glasses do get to stay on your face and be admired by anyone with good taste. And they do a mean job of covering up dark circles and the lack of elaborate makeup!

See? Not having perfect vision doesn’t have to be ALL bad! But surely, you already know that by now! Do jump in and list other pros that come to mind – I’m sure there are at least a few more we could add to this list.

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