Proven Tips to Help You Avoid the Afternoon Crash ...

Some of these tips are going to help, especially if you cannot take a siesta every day. Yes, studies claim one should take a siesta every day. However, there are people for whom this is just not possible.

Which tips do you like?

My top 2 favorites are:

1. Protein

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(Your reaction) Thank you!

I like to have a peanut butter sandwich on most days. Also, I like to have homemade iced green tea...about 8 cups. So, I really do follow with what she is saying to do.

Protein is inexpensive and water (unless bought) is free! You cannot complain about that, as most healthy stuff costs astronomical.

The only part I disagree with is fat. I see fat as an artery clogger.

I hope this lifts your spirits (and your afternoons)!

Thank you for watching.

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