9 Quite Weird and Pretty Awesome Uses for Honey You Didn't Know about ...

I’ve recently found out that in America, September was the National Month of Honey (that’s right, a whole month) and that inspired me to do some research, to find out a couple of things about those pretty amazing uses for honey that everyone always talks about. While I did my searching, I was really surprised to discovered that there are actually a lot of quite weird and unusual uses for honey. I didn’t even had a clue that they were so amazing.

1. The Perfect Remedy for Hangovers

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This was one of the most surprising uses for honey that I discovered. Apparently, honey works just like a natural tonic that can help you get rid of a bad hangover in no time. Just add two tablespoons of honey into a glass of water and drink it in the morning. It will accelerate alcohol metabolism because it supports the elimination of toxic compounds resulting from the metabolism of alcohol. So, how about that?

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