7 Really Interesting and Helpful Infographics on Health Topics ...

If you’re one of those people that finds it easier to assimilate information in picture form you probably love the growth of visual information thanks to the Internet, and learning about health topics has been made easier – and more fun – with some great health infographics. Although I am a voracious reader, I am so grateful for infographics when it comes to research for my writing work. An infographic summarizes and highlights the main facts in a fraction of space that writing does. When time is short, or you just want to be acquainted with the main facts, infographics are a brilliant resource. Here’s a selection of some great health infographics – enjoy!

1. The Science of Supplements

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This is absolutely one of the most amazing health infographics I have seen. I cannot imagine the amount of work hours that was put into creating this. It is a list of practically every supplement and nutrient you can imagine and each one is contained in a “bubble”. When you click on a bubble it takes you a piece of research that is significant. You can also filter by nutrient type and also, health condition. Fantastic!

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