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7 Reasons Not to Drink as a Teen ...

By Julia

In school and in social places there is so much peer pressure, that sometimes teenagers don’t care to listen to reasons not to drink as a teen. Excuses are made and many argue that your teenage years are your time to explore. However, before you take that first sip, you should also explore some reasons not to drink as a teen and find out the effects it can have on your body. Check out some of these reasons.

1 It’s Illegal

This is probably one of the most important reasons not to drink as a teen. Although it may not seem like it, getting arrested for underage drinking is a really big deal. If you are arrested as a teen for possession or consumption of alcohol, you can face fines, community service, license suspension, and (if you’re over 17) jail time. This is one consequence you want to take really seriously. These things can easily be used against you at school or even when getting a job.

2 Out of Control

Drinking, whether you’re a teen or not, always poses the threat of having "one too many." And when this happens, it is hard to maintain control of your thoughts and actions. Often times if you are shy and not very out going, getting drunk will probably make you very loud and boisterous. This may sound appealing to some, but being too out going can put out the wrong vibe. You could end of doing things that you will definitely regret when you’ve sobered up.


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3 Blackouts

Blackouts are very scary things. If someone drinks too much alcohol in a short period of time, it would not be surprising if they experienced a blackout. In other words, there are parts of their day or night that they have no memory of. It is like having a part of your memory blackened out by a Sharpie marker. And it can be terrifying not knowing what you might’ve done during that "blackout" time.

4 Risk of Death

It is a proven fact that drinking can lead to death. Yes, death! And it is even more common in teenagers. Not only can it lead to death through drunk driving, but you can contract alcohol poisoning, not wake up after passing out, or even choke on your own vomit ... wonderful right? The secret to avoiding this tragedy? Don’t drink!

5 Leaked Pictures

Remember all of those pictures you took at the out-of-control drinking party that your class mate threw last week? Well it is easier than you think for those pictures to get into the wrong hands. It can be less than a day until everyone in the school has a picture of you doing something you wish you hadn’t. And it won’t stop at people’s cell phones. Pictures can end up on social media, the internet, and maybe into your principal’s hands, or worse, your parent’s!

6 Drunk Driving

Maybe you were taught about drunk driving in your health class and picked up a few things, but the fact is, drunk driving is unbelievably dangerous. When teens drink (and it can be the tiniest amount) and drive, they are more than 10 times likelier to get into an accident. And this not only puts you in danger, but it puts your passengers and the other people in the opposite car at risk too. Plus, if someone is killed during the accident, you can face some major jail time.

7 Early Alcoholism

Drinking at a young age, like in your teenage years, can have great influence on whether or not you will become an alcoholic. Studies show that the heavier you drink while you’re a teen, the greater your chance is of becoming an alcoholic when you’re an adult. So the next time you reach for "just one beer," remember that next time you might be reaching for two instead.

Drinking as a teen can definitely have some nasty consequences. There are so many risk factors and bad turn outs that are hard to ignore. Making the decision to drink or not to drink is tough when you are with friends and just want to have a good time. But remember, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Just be yourself and party with some friends and the good times are sure to come! Even without alcohol! Do you have any other reasons to share, not to drink as a teen?

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