7 Reasons to Go on a Detox Diet ...


7 Reasons to Go on a Detox Diet ...
7 Reasons to Go on a Detox Diet ...

A popular myth surrounding detox diets is that it is only recommended for people who have an alcohol or drug dependence issue. While that might be true in parts, a detox diet is essentially for anyone who is not comfortable with the idea of toxins coursing through their system. And my dear ladies, toxins aren’t always alcoholic or “nicotin-ic” in nature. Thanks to our lifestyle and periods of mindless binging and gross negligence, nearly all of us have some form of environmental or dietary waste products in our bodies which a cleansing diet helps get rid of. If you still need more convincing, here are the 7 reasons to go on a detox diet.

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Helps Lose Weight

Of all the reasons to go on a detox diet, none would probably seem so relevant or appealing to my female friends as this one. Detox diets emphasize on healthy, nutritious, and high fiber foods. The deficit caused by burning more calories than you are taking in reflects on your body…in an extremely pleasant way, too! Therefore, a very happy side effect of detox diets - a trimmer, thinner body for you.


Higher Energy

Contrary to the notion that denying yourself certain foods or restricting your diet causes fatigue and exhaustion, detox diets actually perk you up energy-wise. Remember, the aim of a cleansing diet isn’t to starve but to eat wholesome foods, such as fruits, salads, natural juices, etc. This increases the endorphin levels in the body and gives you an energy-high like no sports drink can.


Mental Focus

Several followers of detox diets have claimed that it has, in a manner of speaking, “cleared their heads” and helped them become more active and focused. After all, you can’t deny the head-body connection, can you? What you eat affects your brain and with all the right foods going in, you will experience alertness and higher concentration powers.



Yet another of those lucrative reasons to go on a detox diet, my darling girl friends is improved skin health. At the core of a detox diet lies the simple rule – drink adequate water and keep your body well hydrated. As you may know, water aids in carrying the waste and toxins out of your body. The fewer impurities there are in your bloodstream the clearer skin you will have. There you go – the glowing complexion you’ve always desired without spending a fortune on makeup.


Improved Immunity

Another reason to go on a detox diet is improved immunity. Toxins in the body weakens the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to colds, flues, allergies, and sensitivities. In addition, toxin build up in the joints leads to achy, creaky muscles as well. On the other hand, detoxifying your body regularly helps in healthy cell division and better nutrient absorption. Ergo…a stronger body that is able to take on deadly virus and other infection-causing agents. Bravo!


Fewer Headaches

Those who are dependent on various caffeine related products to get them through a long day at work are known to complain of frequent headaches. This is because caffeine is known to dehydrate the body, which, in turn upsets the functioning of the brain, leading to headaches. A detoxification regimen recommends you cut back on caffeine and alcohol (if not cut it out completely). This translates into fewer headaches than before. Phew! What a relief.


Ease the Strain on Digestive Organs

Do you have any idea how hard your liver, kidneys, and pancreas work to process all the junk you deposit in your body? Those poor chaps are thoroughly overworked and grossly underpaid – in terms of adequate nutrition. So, every once in a while – say, bi-monthly or monthly – it would be a good idea to go on a detox diet and give them a day off to relax. Overtaxed organs are of little use to the entire body, so ease their strain a bit and do your body a huge favor.

The reasons to go on a detox diet are virtually endless. However, I have to add here that these cleansing diets need to be introduced gradually into your life. If your body has been accustomed to a certain lifestyle for several years, it will not adapt to something new overnight. I understand you want to jump-start your healthy life today, but it’s advisable to take it slow and steady and build gradually on it rather than forcing your body to an extreme and watch it recoil in shock. Got it? Now, what baby steps are you going to take this week?

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