7 Reasons to Try a Juice Cleanse ...

Juice cleanses are all the rage these days, and you might be searching for reasons to try a juice cleanse. Perhaps you’re wondering what all of the hype is about. Maybe you’re worried if it’s healthy or not. There are many details to juice cleanses, so it’s important to do your homework. Right here is a good start to find reasons to try a juice cleanse!

1. You’re Feeling Sluggish

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One of the biggest reasons to try a juice cleanse is if you’re feeling sluggish. Sometimes I go through stints where I’m eating all sorts of things I shouldn’t. Fried zucchini is a weakness I just can’t deny! After several weeks of cheating my body begins to warn me that I’m doing serious damage. If you’re feeling low on energy and just all-around unhealthy, it might be a good time for a cleanse.

2. You’re Kicking off a Diet

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It has been said that the best way to start a diet is to do a hard change. This is even truer for a full lifestyle change. Modifying your life little by little can work, but it’s much easier to let yourself cheat along the way. By going ‘cold turkey’ and ceasing all bad eating habits, you’re giving yourself a real shot at change. A juice cleanse is a wonderful way to wipe out the old and bring on the newer, healthier you.

3. You’ve Done Your Research

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There are a lot of cleanses out there, so it’s important that you do your research before beginning a juice cleanse. Will you do a one-day or multiple day cleanse? Does the cleanse include all of your required daily nutrients? Does the juicer use a cold press? Is there more than one cleanse package to choose from? All of these little details will help you determine which juice cleanse is best for you.

4. You’ve Talked to Your Doctor

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A big part of researching prior to a juice cleanse is to talk to your doctor. Especially if you’ve had health problems in the past, consult your doctor on reasons to try a juice cleanse. Let your doctor know how you’re feeling and what cleanse you plan to do. He or she can offer counsel on whether or not it’s safe for you right now. Your doc may even have suggestions on which cleanse to try.

5. Other Cleanses Didn’t do the Trick

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You tried the Master Cleanse. You even tried the lemonade and cayenne pepper cleanse. Unfortunately, though, both options left you feeling worse than expected and you didn’t get the results you wanted. The great thing about juice cleanses and a good reason to try it is – if you choose a good one, you’ll be getting a big boost in nutrition. In fact, you’ll take in more fruits and vegetables than you probably eat normally. You’re not depriving your body, you’re actually giving it more of what it needs. That’s very different from other cleanses you may have tried in the past.

6. You’re Okay with a Lot of Drinking

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I mean a LOT of drinking. Most juice cleanses require you to take down five or six bottles of juice each day. Between those bottles it’s also imperative that you drink several cups of water. That’s a lot of drinking, which leads to a lot of bathroom breaks. A juice cleanse is exactly that – a cleanse. You’ll be drinking in enough to help you flush out the bad stuff. That means a lot of juice in and even more out.

7. You’ve Defined Your Goals

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What are your juice cleanse goals? If you’re looking to drop ten pounds in two days, you may want to rethink your strategy (and rethink that goal while you’re at it). A juice cleanse is meant to reset your body; to pump it full of the things you need while cleaning out the bad stuff that you don’t. Juice cleanses require a few days of prep and, once they’re over, it’s important to ease back in to healthier eating. Juice cleanses are a great start to a healthier lifestyle which leads to achieving healthy weight goals, but a cleanse alone isn’t going to drive away pounds. What you will notice immediately is a rise in your energy level, brighter looking skin, and a lighter healthier feeling. Those are all great reasons to try a juice cleanse, right?!

If you’re looking for a healthy way to kick start healthier habits, a juice cleanse could be the right move for you. Consult your doctor, do research on the cleanse you’re thinking of trying. As you look further into juice cleanses I know you’ll find more and more reasons to try one! Have you done a juice cleanse lately? What is your cleanse of choice? Do you have any advice for other readers?

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