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Of all the vitamins and supplements on the market today, I can think of more reasons to use chromium than I can of most others that people take today. Despite the fact that some researchers and individuals say we don’t need a multivitamin, I’m a supporter of multivitamins of high quality, among others. One of those others is chromium picolinate. Chromium is one of the most important minerals in the human body, yet most multivitamins fall short of giving you 100% of your daily needs. Chromium has many functions in the body that are all important for so many reasons. If you’re unsure what chromium is, or why you need it, check out the reasons to use chromium below. I think you’ll find that this is one of the most powerful minerals for your health and wellness goals you can take.

1. Blood Sugar

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One of the top reasons to use chromium of all is for your blood sugar levels. Chromium acts as a powerful stabilizing agent to your blood sugar at each meal you eat. It helps metabolize fats and carbohydrates when you eat, so that your blood sugar stays at optimal levels. This doesn’t mean you can load up on sugary foods or unhealthy fatty foods, of course, but it can optimize those healthy carbs and fats you eat, to help hold you over longer between meals and prevent a surge in your blood sugar right after your meals.

2. Weight Maintenance

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Many people use chromium to maintain their weight. This is thanks to the blood sugar benefits behind chromium, and the fact that it helps satisfy you more between meals, which can help you stay out of the sweets the rest of the day. For this purpose, it’s best to take a chromium supplement with each of your meals, or at least twice a day.

3. Boost Protein Performance

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One of my favorite reasons to use chromium is it benefits protein’s performance in the body. Since it slows down blood sugar, it can help protein metabolize slower and more efficiently, which not only improves nutrient uptake, but also stabilizes your blood sugar and energy levels longer between your meals.

4. Slashes Cravings

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Due to the effects of chromium on your blood sugar, another top reason to use it is because it slashes cravings for unhealthy foods and constant snacking all day. I know I’ve been guilty of wanting to snack when I knew I wasn’t really hungry at all. Chromium takes care of that, and when you’re truly hungry again, you’ll know. Mindless snacking becomes a thing of the past with chromium in the picture.

5. Most People Don’t Eat Enough

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Though chromium is found in many foods, most people don’t eat enough food sources to benefit from it. It is found in high amounts in eggs, nutritional yeast, beef, whole grains, and fish. However, again, most people aren’t eating enough of these foods daily, or choose not to for whatever reason. If that’s the case with you, taking a supplement might be the answer. So long as you choose a quality one, there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

6. Prevents Headaches

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Chromium can help reduce headaches due to its effects on blood sugar levels as well. Many times, we get headaches due to rapid fluctuations in our blood sugar levels from poor food choices, stress, inconsistent meal times, or missed meal times. By taking a chromium supplement, headaches can be prevented from this issue. However, do note that if you get a headache, chromium does not make it go away. It isn’t a pain reliever, but works to prevent headaches from low or high blood sugar levels.

7. Regulates Fat and Cholesterol

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One of the best reasons to use chromium for your heart is that it regulates fat and cholesterol in the body because it helps metabolize fats from your foods. You should most definitely choose healthy sources of fats of course, but since there is natural cholesterol in all animal foods, it helps greatly to take chromium to help ensure your levels stay healthy.

It is always best to moderate your carbohydrates in your diet, since they affect your blood sugar levels almost more than anything. Yet do note that taking a chromium supplement can help optimize blood sugar levels in a healthy diet, and even help with weight management. When choosing a supplement, choose the easiest form of chromium to absorb, which is chromium picolinate, GTF. This is the most optimized form available, and it’s also very inexpensive. You can find it in stores, or even cheaper online. I like a few different brands from iHerb.com, which you can find in a link below. Have you ever heard of the supplement chromium?

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