7 Reasons Why It's Good to Cry Your Eyes out Once in a While ...


7 Reasons Why It's Good to Cry Your Eyes out Once in a While ...
7 Reasons Why It's Good to Cry Your Eyes out Once in a While ...

Have you ever been watching a movie that hits an emotional nerve and suddenly you're crying your eyes out? Doesn’t it feel amazing afterwards? Most people associate crying with being sad and upset, or as being a sign of weakness, and therefore they try their very best to never do it, but I’m here to tell you that if you feel like weeping, you should go right ahead and do it. Here are some very valid reasons why it’s good to cry your eyes out.

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Improves Vision

Believe it or not, the act of crying can actually work to lubricate your eyeballs and eyelids and help you to see better in the aftermath! Without tears in your life, your vision would be terrible because your eyes would not get the moisture and lubrication that they need in order to function properly.


Kills Bacteria

When we cry, we give the area that our tears touch an antibacterial boost. They contain something called lysozyme which is a fluid that can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in only five to ten minutes! So if you ever need to sterilise something, just have a good cry on it!


Removes Toxins

Did you know that tears of emotional sadness have been found to contain more toxins than tears of laughter or irritation? Because of this, you can take some comfort in the fact that even though something has made you sad, you are getting the benefit of having removed more toxins from your body!


Elevate Mood

When you cry, you end up lowering your manganese level, and when your manganese level is low, your risk of things like anxiety, irritability, nervousness, and depression is much, much lower. This sort of backs up the general belief that if you keep your feelings inside rather than letting them out, you will feel even worse.


Lowers Stress

Think of tears as the perspiration of emotion. When you work out, you sweat hard and you feel better for it afterwards, and the same can be said for crying. You will feel a release of tension after your crying session, and this will result in lower level of stress than you were feeling before, even for just a brief time.


Human Connection

When you are vulnerable in front of someone and feel intimate enough to share your tears with them, it builds an instant connection and closeness that is really therapeutic, and a sense of friendship and community is essential to good mental health.



Along with a lower stress level, crying can simply just provide a physical release for you to get out your emotions. It doesn’t have to be something sad in real life that has set you off. If you ever feel like you just need a good old fashioned cry, don’t be afraid to bust out The Lion King or the theme tune to Titanic!

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