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There is an abundance of reasons why you are constantly hungry, but today we will try to pinpoint the cause and put your continuous hunger to an end. In recent months, I have noticed a change in my appetite and no matter how much I ate, it was as if there was a black whole in my stomach absorbing all of my food and leaving me with an empty feeling. However, I was able to find the root of the problem, which was lack of sleep. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to them bottom of the reasons why YOU are constantly hungry.

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You Are Dehydrated

Your mind can play tricks on you. While you might think you are craving food, your body actually longs for hydration. However, symptoms of dehydration, such as decrease in energy and sleepiness, closely mimic those of hunger. Therefore, in order to avoid any physiological misunderstandings, try to drink a glass of water when you feel hungry ten minutes before you decide to eat. If you feel completely satisfied after, you will be able to dodge a bullet and save hundreds of calories. Try it out because dehydration may be one of the reasons why you are constantly hungry.


You Eat Empty Calories

The reason why you might feel like you are starving even after you just had a meal might be because you are fueling your body with the wrong food. Instead of consuming empty calories that can be detrimental to your health, try to implement nutritious foods into your diet and you will notice a change in your appetite and a drop in intense hunger.


You Skip Breakfast

You have probably already heard this enough times, but I will say it again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the worst thing you can do is skip it. Eating breakfast causes smaller rises in blood sugar and insulin, which means that you will also have fewer food cravings throughout the day. For the best effect add more protein to your breakfast to curb hunger!


You Don’t Eat Enough Protein and Healthy Fats

In order to feel full for a longer period of time and avoid the discomfort of hunger throughout the day, it is best to incorporate more protein and healthy fats into your diet. They take longer to digest and will therefore curb your cravings and leave you satisfied for a much longer period of time.


You Are Bored

Don’t be shy to admit that you often eat out of boredom because we all do. It is honestly one of the main reasons why the majority of us consume extra calories. So next time you are feeling hunger, ask yourself whether it is out of boredom. If it is, just try to entertain yourself with something else.


You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

When you are sleep-deprived your body signals you to attain more energy in the form of food, which is why you end up constantly feelings hungry. So avoid unnecessary calories and instead adjust your sleeping schedule. Your figure and body will thank you later.


There is a Deeper Root to the Problem

When hunger really becomes a problem, there might be something wrong with you on a bigger scale and it is best to visit your doctor. Feeling hungry even after eating is one of the symptoms of diabetes, so it is best to check up with your doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry!

If you experience a sudden change in your appetite characterized by intense hunger, it is a sign that you must change your lifestyle. Your body is giving you a sign that you are doing something wrong. How do you curb your persistent hunger?

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actually if you don't eat breakfast, it shrinks your stomach and makes you unable to eat bigger meals later. but I never said because it does this, it's good for you.

I always eat out of boredom haha 😝

I eat so much when I revise out of boredom and stress 🙈

good info

i always get hungry a week or two before my menses. is that normal?

what about a fast metabolism.

I eat a lot because of stress too but I'm definitely do it because I'm bored. lol 😊

Yep. That explains.

lol mine is not on the list... how about you're pregnant!!!

when I have to munchies I can eat and eat and never get full :|

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