7 Reasons Why You Should Never Start Smoking ...


A good ole cigarette pack is pretty clear on why you should never start smoking but honestly, lung cancer is hardly the only thing to worry about with this nasty habit. And while health risks, horrible as they might be, are often dismissed as something that only happens to other people, there are plenty of other bad things you’re signing up for with each smoke. They might not sound so ominous, but if I am to tell you why you should never start smoking, I must definitely point out the following:

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Smoking is an Addiction

Let me be completely honest with you on why you should never start smoking! You see, cigarettes might be legal but they are an addictive drug all the same. They do you harm both physically and mentally and you’re never completely free of them. Every ex-smoker thinks about cigarettes from time to time and struggles to deal with stress and anxiety without turning to nicotine for comfort.


It’s an Expensive Habit

Smokes are a daily expense you don’t really think about until you start adding things up and realize you’ve probably smoked a Birkin! I don’t even want to talk about it because I’m sure I have! We smokers love to justify this by telling ourselves that we wouldn’t have saved our bucks anyway, but you know what… I’m not so sure.


It’s Inconvenient

Different countries have different policies on smoking in public but you’ll definitely find yourself in a “thank you for not smoking” situation sooner or later. You can become one of those hard-core smokers who will go so far as to avoid coffee shops, restaurants and malls, but what are you going to do if you’re offered a dream job in a non-smoking environment? Think about it…


L’eau De Ashtray

Have you ever smelled your hair after spending time in the company of smokers and thought “Yuck”? Well, that’s what a smoker feels like every single day. We consume personal care items, clean clothes and breath mints like they’re going out of style and jump through hoops to avoid smelling like our nasty habits.


Hello Yellow Nails

Holding a cigarette day in and day out will give your nails and fingers a yellow tinge! It happens so very slowly that you won’t even notice it until it’s too late, and doing anything to prevent it is fighting a losing battle. Brightening treatments can help if you don’t mind repeating them often, but why even bother when you can just not smoke and avoid the problem completely?


Lip Lines and Bleeding Lipsticks

Ever heard of smoker’s lines? Well, that’s exactly what you’re signing up for in the long run! You may decide to quit smoking at some point of your life and yes, your body will heal itself eventually, but don’t be fooled – only a plastic surgeon will be able to make these lines disappear.


It’s Not Cool

Smoking might seem cool in high school but once that wears off, you’re pretty much left with a bad habit none of your ex-classmates will find very fascinating. You won’t love it either, especially once you realize how dependents on cigarettes you have become.

Add obvious health risks and you tell me – isn’t smoking a totally stupid idea? Yeah, well that solves it! Say no to cigarettes and you’ll not only gain a much healthier body but avoid tons of other issues a cigarette package failed to warn you about.

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think of all the added crap in food you eat , just as deadly , and probly worse in my opinion. and so the smoker is probly ahead as opposed to all the over eating cows who also reek of shit smell , I'd rather be a smoker any day. also that's what beautiful scents like Calvin Klein and Gucci are for and if any smoker washes their hands regularly shudnt have yellow fingers . I know I don't , so try stereo typing yo self , what a crap judgemental article . the over eaters are a loss of humanity

Smoking killed my parents. It's an ugly, horrid death too. Imagine drowning- but for years! Picture struggling for each breath, and when you finally get one, your body can't extract the oxygen from that air you fought for. Imagine the panic each time you inhale for naught! Think of your family watching your extremities turn black because there's not enough oxygen to keep them alive!

Smoking may sound cool as a young fellow bubbling with life. The results of smoking can even be more catastrophic with attendant problems of nervous issues, such as shaking and unsteady fist. Blackened teeth, hard and stoned facial expressions. I had a family friend, a very young man in his forties who was so hooked on smokes. He was super intelligent with a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry, working in a university. He started coughing in the night for a very brief period, he arrived at the emergency unit as a dead man. His lungs collapsed completely. What a loss to humanity!

Goddessoflight, are you serious? Perhaps drunk? Your comment lacks grace.... and thought.

Smoking affected my friend and her family ! It killed my grandfather , he started when he was 14 . Now I know some teens my age smoke !!!!!! It's really scary and sad .

@goddessoflight the yellow nails aren't caused by dirt and other factors so you can't just "wash them regularly". That won't fix it

I was an ex smoker too it was very bad for me I lack the oxogen because of my asthma So I know what it is like sometimes I do have an urges but I kept my word

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