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13 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Maxi Pads Again ...

By Sugar

Dealing with that special time of the month these days can be tricky, however there are many reasons to never wear maxi pads again, because there are great alternatives when you have your special visitor. With all the options on the fully stocked shelves of pharmacies, it is no wonder most people are at a loss and confused as to where to go for the best solution that provides the most comfort and utility during this very delicate time. The reasons to forgo the bulky pad far exceed the number of names in phone books in New York, but here are just a few reasons to never wear maxi pads again that will keep you buying the latest alternatives each month.

1 That Awful Diaper Feeling

As many grown women are found diapering their own little ones, the last thing they want is to feel that heavy, wet and soggy feeling of a diaper, and the unfortunate effect of wearing a maxi pad is that awful diaper feeling. When I’ve worn maxi pads I’m very lucky if I don’t swish, slush and crunch around in a huge maxi pad at my desk at work or school. It's inevitable that these things swell up in my panties on my heavy flow days and for me it’s one of the main reasons to never wear maxi pads again, but unfortunately there are many more.

2 They Leak

When I’m on my period, the last thing I want is for people to know about it. When wearing a maxi pad, any sort of overflow or even the slightest movement sometimes can cause these baby diapers to leak and spread all over my spring white skirt!

3 They Smell

The best part about wearing a tampon or a soft cup is that they rest inside of you, so you barely feel them and there is relatively no odor. With a maxi pad that is certainly not the case. After maxi pads leak there is clearly an unavoidable odor, but even when there isn’t a heavy flow, every time I go to the bathroom wearing a maxi pad, I almost gag at the odor that steams out from a maxi pad regularly, effortlessly and repulsively.

4 That Weighing down Feeling

When I’m on my period I try to go about my day and function normally, but with a maxi pad there is a constant reminder that it’s that time of the month. When a maxi pad fills up it becomes extremely heavy, almost weighing down your entire body before it pops or leaks everywhere. It’s the worst reminder that you’re menstruating, not to mention the heaviest and most annoying.

5 Their Size and Portability (or Lack Thereof)

It’s an inevitable realization that maxi pads are much bigger in size than tampons or soft cups, especially those bulky diaper-like ones for days with a heavy flow. Try fitting that into a skinny clutch! And since you have to change them every few hours, if not more frequently, you have to tote around a handful of these big girl diapers and most of the time they do not fit in anything but a backpack or huge satchel purse. Forget about squeezing it in an evening handbag! Most of the time, tampons can be carried around in a front jean pocket if you don’t feel like carrying a bag, and that’s very convenient and yet another reason to never wear maxi pads.

6 It’s Impossible to Play Sports or Be Active

The last thing you want to do during your period is to keep your life at a standstill for a week or more. While wearing a maxi pad, you can’t go swimming or do any water sports for obvious reasons. In fact, you really can’t participate in any active sports because this will definitely exacerbate any sort of leaking, not to mention smell. While wearing a tampon or soft cup you can utilize the advantage of having it inside your body so no one can really tell or know you’re on your period while you continue to go about your active lifestyle.

7 No Tight Clothing Allowed

Besides the fact that you are banned from thongs, cute cheekies and anything lacy or skimpy, wearing maxi pads limits your wardrobe choices in the sense that wearing anything tight or see-through might invite the general public in on a view they don’t need to see, like your maxi pad outline or leakage. Yet another reason to never wear maxi pads again.

8 Period Panties

One of the most annoying things about wearing maxi pads is that you have to wear big panties. You can’t wear thongs or any underwear that are even remotely attractive because you’ve got this thick pad on. We already feel gross and unappealing, why wear a maxi pad that only adds to the problem?!

9 You Can Feel Them

My biggest issue with maxi pads is that no matter how thin they are, you can feel them! I know some people can feel tampons, but maxi pads feel wet and gross. With tampons, you won’t get that bulky, wet feeling. Maxi pads are super uncomfortable when you’re trying to go to sleep, too!

10 Unsexy Time

Another reason you should never wear maxi pads again is because they get in the way of your social agenda. Let’s say you’re with friends and everyone’s hopping in the hot tub. It’s pretty much impossible to get in a hot tub with a pad on! Or what if you’re with your honey and things get a little hot and heavy? It’s very possible that he can see or feel your maxi pad!

11 Lack of Confidence

With maxi pads, you can never feel 100% confident that your pad won’t show or that it won’t leak. Maxi pads can shift or bunch up and cause accidents that we really can’t afford to have! Tampons are much less bulky and less likely to move, so you can feel confident while you’re out and about!

12 Irritated Skin

Let me start off by saying that not all people experience this, but some people experience irritated skin from using maxi pads. Quite a few women have reported getting sore, irritated skin after using maxi pads due to allergies to the material, fragrance or chemicals on the maxi pad.

13 They’re Obvious

Maxi pads are just really obvious. They’re obvious when they’re in their packaging, they’re obvious to you when you wear one and they can sometimes be obvious if you’re not careful about your undergarment and clothing choices during that special time of the month. Tampons are much more discreet and no one will know you’re wearing one unless you want them to!

Don’t be afraid to try tampons or soft cups - maxi pads are not the only options and in fact they are the worst options for that time of the month. Everyone has their own personal preference and there are pros and cons to every option, but for me, these are legitimate reasons to never wear maxi pads again until menopause! What reasons do you have to love or loathe pads? Do tell!

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