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7 Reasons You Should Never Drink and Drive ... Ever ...

By Alison

What are the reasons you should never drink and drive? It may be annoying having to stick to soft drinks if you have to drive home, but it's so important not to take risks. You may think that one or two drinks won't hurt - but there are plenty of people who have regretted thinking that way. It's just not worth taking any risks when lives are at stake. Here are some of the reasons you should never drink and drive …

1 Safety of Others

One of the reasons you should never drink and drive is that safety should be more important than being able to have a drink. Not only could you be putting your own life at risk, but other people could pay the price for your decision. You don't have the right to ruin someone else's life, and nor is it worth ruining your own. Just think how you'd feel if you caused an accident …

2 Play It Safe

Playing it safe is definitely the best option when it comes to drinking and driving. It's too late for regrets once something happens. Not drinking doesn't provide a 100% guarantee that you'll avoid any accidents, but it definitely cuts the chances down a lot. You'll be a lot safer if you don't drink when you're driving, and so will everyone else on the roads.

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3 Ruins Lives

Every year we read about more cases where someone has been killed because of a drink driver. It not only deprives someone of their life, but also affects their children, parents, and friends. Drinking and driving ruins lives, so don't take the chance that this time will be ok, even if you've got away with it before - this may be the occasion when you don't …

4 Legal Problems

Another major reason why you shouldn't drink if you're driving is that it could land you in all sorts of legal problems. It could invalidate your insurance and mean that you're not covered for any damage to your own or another car. Plus there's the risk of being charged with drunk driving - you could lose your license, do jail time, or be sued by anyone you injured …

5 A Lot to Lose

Even if you don't hurt anyone, you could lose a lot personally. You may lose your license, which could affect your ability to get around and even get to work. It may lose you your job if your employers find out, or your ability to work in certain professions. Plus there's the embarrassment of people finding out what you've done …

6 Hard to Judge

Legal blood alcohol levels for driving vary from one place to another, and in some places the permissible amount of alcohol is very low. Some places even have zero tolerance if you're driving. It's also difficult to judge when you're 'safe' to drive, and even if you think you're fine, you may be over the limit. The only really safe limit is no alcohol.

7 Not Worth the Risk

Finally, it just isn't worth the risk. There are often alternatives such as taking a cab, and if you have to drive home then just don't drink any alcohol. It's not necessary, even at a party. If you need alcohol to have a good time then you have problems you need to address.

You really can't stress enough how important it is not to drink and drive, yet people still risk it. Don't be one of the statistics - if you drink, don't drive, and if you drive, don't drink. Have you ever taken risks when you're driving?

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