10 Reassuringly Effective Ways to Cope when You Lose Your Job ...

When you lose your job it is one of the worst as well as often shocking things that can happen. In today’s world, unemployment is becoming a reality for thousands and thousands of people. It’s easier said than done to remain positive when your immediate future looks bleak and a scan of the job listings shows either few jobs or you know you’re in a hugely competitive market. Everyone will be queuing up to tell you how to best find a new job but unemployment isn’t just about that issue. There are wider considerations so here are 10 Reassuringly Effective Ways to Cope When You Lose Your Job.

1. Take a Breath

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Simple but effective. When you first lost your job, it will feel like the end of the world, but trust me, it really isn’t and you have to believe that you won’t feel as you do now, forever. Don’t allow yourself to drown in the misery of unemployment and keep an eye focused on the future and the better times that are going to return. A positive attitude will help wonders in the days ahead.

2. Take Stock

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When you lose your job, don’t look for new employment by using old fashioned or conventional methods. Instead spend some time looking at the problem of unemployment and note how you approach the solution. Take some time to discover who you really are. Join internet and local networking associations, start a blog, talk to people, ask them questions, answer their questions to show that you know yourself and what you do.

3. Move Away from Your Desktop

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Despite all the spare time that unemployment has provided you with, don’t become tied to your inbox, or addicted to Twitter, or any other social media for that matter. By all means check your emails regularly but then move away from it and utilise your energies by learning, meeting new people and planning your new future.

4. Giving is the Way to Peace

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Volunteering at a local charity is a great way to spend some of the extra time you have when you lose your job. There are other ways to be rewarded for work, than financially. Ssomebody in your community will need your help but what you may not realise is how great you feel by providing that help. Getting involved is great; it makes the world a nicer place for everybody. You may also learn some new skills that will help to take you out of unemployment.

6. Be a Part of the Community

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Networking is the way to the future; get out there, meet people, and talk to them. Make it about them, be genuinely interested, offer help but most of all interact, engage, enjoy the experience and add value to humanity. When you lose your job, you often lose focus but networking will help to replace that focus and provide a new direction.

7. Get off the Wheel

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Give yourself a break and don’t think that you have to do the same as everybody else. Sit quietly with yourself for a few minutes (it may take somewhat longer) and work out what it is that YOU want you to do (you will need to learn how to separate the thoughts from what you feel that you should be doing).

8. Know Something, but Not Everything

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Nobody has all the answers. Whatever you do, don’t pretend or seem as though you do, everybody will know that you don’t and will be put off. If you can’t answer a question that you are asked, simply admit it and find out if the questioner knows the answer and show them that you are open to learning and eager to find out information that you don’t have.

9. Explore Starting Your Own Business

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There are loads of resources available to would-be entrepreneurs. Even if you had never previously thought of starting a business, or don’t know anything about how to run one, with a bit of research and some investigation, you may just be the next world-wide success story. (Stop laughing)!

10. Be Proactive and Active

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It is generally thought that there are 2 kinds of people in this world, the kind who do things and the kind who allow things to be done to them. Don’t wait to be found, go out and find them for yourself. Search worldwide to find extraordinary people who can make things happen. Learn from them, become one of them. Become somebody who can make things happen, initiative is sexy to potential employers.

If you follow some of these 10 Reassuringly Effective Ways to Cope When You Lose Your Job you will remain strong and turn losing your job and a taste of unemployment into a positive experience that will change the direction of your life and improve it forever. I think some of this advice is equally applicable to other aspects of our lives when we might be feeling things aren’t going our way or we are faced with adversity. I hope you have found this post stimulating and if any of you have stories about unemployment or more tips on coping when you lose your job please do share.

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