7 Remarkably Amazing Benefits of Running ...


7 Remarkably Amazing Benefits of Running ...
7 Remarkably Amazing Benefits of Running ...

Benefits of Running have seemingly no end. I have never in my life gone in for running – unless you count running for the bus. I just can't see the benefits of running, when we don?t have to escape the threat of sabre-toothed tigers any more. My flatmate, on the other hand, is a keen runner and goes out several times a week. So I've begun to muse on what running does for you. I've concluded that these are the amazing benefits of running …

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Adrenalin I asked my flatmate what he enjoys about running and he said it really makes him feel alive. That must be the adrenalin pumping (I feel much the same sense of energy and wellbeing when I go cycling). On the whole, we lead such sedentary lives these days, compared to the much more active and healthy lives of previous generations, that getting your energy moving must be one of the best benefits of running.



Fitness Any form of exercise is going to help your general fitness levels. While it wouldn't be a good idea to attempt running long distances without working your way up, even a short run will help. You have to start at the beginning, after all. Then as you get used to the exercise, you can gradually increase the distance as your fitness improves – and keeps on improving.



Shaping As well as the health benefits of running, it also brings visible results. Regular running helps shape and tone your body. Obviously the calves and thighs get very toned through this method of exercise, but it can also give you a fabulous butt and flatten your stomach. Isn't that the kind of result that we all want?



Stamina Do you get out of breath running for the bus, or after your kids? Running as exercise will help build up your stamina. This is good not only for the times when you do need to literally run, but also for your general ability to walk longer distances and be more active.


Fat Burning

Fat Burning Do you have any stubborn fatty areas that you just can't manage to get rid of? Then try running. Many runners find that as well as toning up their legs, they also get a flatter tummy. With the great workout that all those muscles are getting, it's no wonder really! So get running and burn off those fatty bits.



Costs Are you put off exercise by the cost of a gym membership? Running is relatively inexpensive, the major investment being a good pair of running shoes. You can also spend a bit on special running clothes if you want, but a pair of shorts and a t-shirt will do just as well. So you really don't need to spend a lot, and there are no ongoing costs.



Adaptable Finally, one of the best benefits of running is that it's very adaptable. It's not necessary to have ambitions to run a marathon, and you don't have to push yourself. You can run as little or as much as you want, depending on fitness levels. There's no timetable, it doesn't matter if other people overtake you; you can go at your own pace and if you can only manage five minutes to begin with, there's nothing wrong with that.

Well, looking into all the benefits of running I've almost convinced myself that I should get up off the couch and put my trainers on! Running allows you to exercise your cardiovascular system and muscles, not to mention having the bonus of giving you a great toned shape -- really, there are so many benefits of running, it's hard to find a reason not to run. With these benefits of running, running is something to consider taking up. Why run on a treadmill when you can be out in the fresh air? Do you love running, or prefer other, more gentle forms of exercise?

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Wow! I'm on the track team at my school, and I totally agree with this article! Running is an easy way to get exercise, plus it is super fun! More people should do it. I run a lot, and I never really noticed that it has that many benefits! That's awesome.

Lately i've really gotten into running. I enjoy using the treadmill as i can track my speed, time and distance accurately and improve them. However, as the weather has improved i've been running outside a lot more and have realised its great! It really does get my adrenaline pumping and makes me feel a lot better about myself. :)

I LOVE running... but I like the outdoor kind a lot better than going to the gym. The outdoor kind is sooo relaxing, whereas getting to the gym can seem another chore. During Canadian winters, it can be difficult to keep the same stamina when the cold wind is burning my lungs, so indoor exercise is more neccessary.

I heard that you're not supposed to run on your heels, just the ball of the foot and toes!

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