7 Remarkably Amazing Benefits of Running ...

Benefits of Running have seemingly no end. I have never in my life gone in for running – unless you count running for the bus. I just can't see the benefits of running, when we don?t have to escape the threat of sabre-toothed tigers any more. My flatmate, on the other hand, is a keen runner and goes out several times a week. So I've begun to muse on what running does for you. I've concluded that these are the amazing benefits of running …

1. Adrenalin

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I asked my flatmate what he enjoys about running and he said it really makes him feel alive. That must be the adrenalin pumping (I feel much the same sense of energy and wellbeing when I go cycling). On the whole, we lead such sedentary lives these days, compared to the much more active and healthy lives of previous generations, that getting your energy moving must be one of the best benefits of running.

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