The Root Cause of Anxiety for Each Zodiac Sign ...


The Root Cause of Anxiety for Each Zodiac Sign ...
The Root Cause of Anxiety for Each Zodiac Sign ...

Are you wondering about the root cause of anxiety for each zodiac sign? Anxiety is something that any of us could experience at any time in our lives, and the tricky thing is that, unlike a common cold or a case of the chicken pox, it is an ailment that can have totally different root causes from one person to the next. You might be able to look at your own anxiety from the outside and recognise what needs to be addressed to ease your symptoms, but there are those who are not as lucky and cannot seem to find a clear reason for your anxious feelings. If you believe in that sort of thing, astrology can often hold some answers. Here is the root cause of anxiety for each zodiac sign.

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You are very sensitive to large crowds and the idea of having to stand out in public, so things like public speaking and busy rush hour commutes have the power to cause your anxiety.



You are a mixture of a perfectionist and sensitive, so if you don’t get something totally correct first time around, your anxiety will start to flare.



You want to be liked by everyone, which means that you spend a lot of time worrying what other people are thinking and saying about you.



You have a tendency to worry about a small problem so much that it turns in to a big one in your head, perpetuating a neverending cycle of anxiety for not much at all.



Your stubborn streak makes it very hard for you to accept and move on from making mistakes, you dwell on them for too long and allow them to become problems.



You go through life generally carefree, but when you do make a mistake, it takes you a while to recognise it, and the retrospective regrets can cause a lot of anxiety.



You have a habit of overthinking things to the point that they morph into something else entirely, which can be very anxiety-inducing to try to solve.



You have a little trouble with coming to terms with the fact that life isn’t always completely fair, and when you end up on the side of some bad luck, it can hit you really hard.



Whether you like it or not, you have a selfish streak, which can cause a lot of anxiety, both when you know you are being unreasonable, and when you feel like you are being overlooked in favour of someone else.



You hate rules and regulations that you feel are redundant or unfair, so a lot of your anxiety stems from the daily injustices that you see across the world in the news and online.



You have a tendency to put too much pressure on yourself, which means that you will feel anxiety in situations that others wouldn’t.



You leave everything to the last minute, which means that when the time comes to meet deadlines, you have ten things to do at once and your anxiety flares up.

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So true but that's got to end soon💯

This couldn't be any less true for me (I'm a Sagittarius) mine is more health anxiety

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