Self Care a Cure for Seasonal Depression ...


Self Care a Cure for Seasonal Depression ...
Self Care a Cure for Seasonal Depression ...

Do you find yourself gloomy and low during certain seasons, the holidays or just when the weather is not the best? You are not alone, and it actually has a term for that feeling; Seasonal Depression. Some or all holidays can trigger a sense of hopelessness and loneliness in some people with depression. Seasonal depression is when the episodes of depression happen or are triggered by a certain season or even a certain weather. For me, for example as a Pisces, i love water in all forms. The rain being soothing too many including myself for a long time, has become a trigger for loneliness for me. If it rains more than a day in a row, my mood tanks and I start to loose hope. This is seasonal depression. It can affect anyone, for any season. This past week in California we have had rain every single day of the week and i got hit hard by depression and panic attacks. Once I realized this was seasonal depression, I had a different thought in mind. “I might not be able to fix this completely, but I can help soothe myself and reduce this heavy dark cloud”. Here’s what I did:

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Acknowledge What is Going on

Until you can call it by name, it's just a confusing energy and we can’t address confusing energies when we are depressed. So clarify what you feel. Get clear on what you feel and speak it “The rain is making me sad", or "the rain makes my mood heavy.”


Accept What is Happening

Acceptance does not mean agreement. Just because we accept the situation does not mean we agree or enjoy the situation. We have to accept the situation first because change cannot happen without acceptance. Do not beat yourself up or be hard on yourself.


Remember That You Are Not Alone

The lie that depression comes up with usually is that we are alone. Alone in our pain, alone in our struggle, alone period. Change that narrative in your mind. “I am not the only one struggling today.” Once we feel less lonely, we start to have a little more hope.


Apply Some Self Care and Self Love

In the midst of funky heavy energies, we have to remember to focus on ourselves. Infusing ourselves with as much love as we can is essential. Nobody is going to love ya more than you can love yourself. So love on yourself.
Here’s what I did
Brewed some (cannabis infused *optional) Tea . I made chamomile and Lemongrass. Both calming and tension relieving. They helped ease my mind.

Secondly, i prepared myself a bath. In this bath, i had eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus epsom salts, and eucalyptus and lavender soap. The eucalyptus is mood lifting and immediately made me smile. I soaked for 30 minutes with music (gospel is my preference when i’m low) and the lights turned off.

As you finish your bath, imagine your worries and pain leaving your body as you rinse off. Speak out loud what you feel, the heaviness, the sadness, the loneliness, release them in the bath water and let them go down the drain with the water. “I release with this bath water all heaviness I feel. I invite positive energy now.”

Do something creative. For me it was painting on tshirts. You do not have to be a skilled painter hun, you are just expressing your soul, That is all the skill you need. So paint, draw, write, dance, sing. Set your timer for 30 mins and get creative. Sip on that tea while you are at it.

Feed your body. Our minds play silly tricks on us when we are famished. So cook yourself a good healthy, nutritious meal. Cooking is also considered creative work, so go ahead and do two things in one, why not? Follow a recipe, try something impromptu, or just whip up an old recipe mum used to make when you were sick.

Move your body, release the energy. I love yoga so, I rolled out my mat and stretched out my body gently releasing the tension and darkness. You can go for a run, do yoga, go for a swim. Any activity that is going to move your body, maybe even make your heart race a little, release endorphins. Endorphins are basically just your happy hormones. Exercise activates and releases them ,so get moving.


Clear Your Mind and Rest

Before bedtime, watch something funny. Pick a cartoon, or a comedy show. Here your brain does not need much activity, it relaxes and laughter lifts the energies in us. Once your mind is relaxed and feels less heavy, get you some good rest. In a clean bed, with soothing music (*optional). List 3 things you are grateful happened or did not happen today. Then get some good rest.

Be patient with yourself. Everything takes time , especially recovery. Understand that, this too shall pass. Take it one moment at a time. Sending you light and comforting energy.

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