Video Examples 🎞 of Self Defense πŸ’ͺ Moves All πŸ’― Women πŸ‘© Need to Know πŸ—― ...

There are several self defense moves women should know. In an ideal world, women would be able to walk down every street in the world, completely alone, without the fear of something bad happening to them, but one of the worst elements of society, an element that sadly has not changed too much since the dawn of civilisation, is that women have to live with the constant worry of their vulnerability at the hands of bigger, more powerful persons, most often predatory men.

Until there is a major shift in the way that both society and millions of individuals treat women, the truth of the matter is that females need to be armed with information and physical training in order to be able to walk around with confidence and a stronger feeling of security in their circumstances.

One of the most popular ways to arm women with both power and strength in these situations has, for a long time now, been the teaching of various different methods of self defense. Though it is something that all of us hope we never actually have to put in to practise, it is nevertheless a really important skill to have in your β€˜modern woman’ arsenal. The more capable and proactive you can be in the face of danger, the better, so if you want to increase your own feelings of security. So here is a great video that will teach you some of the very best self defense moves women should know.

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