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7 Signs of Depression That Mean You Should Get Help ...

By Eliza

There are many signs of depression, and each indicates the need for professional help. Depression is a scary mental health condition that can lead to suicide at its worst. That makes it absolutely vital to seek help if you or someone you love suffers from depression. Fortunately, therapy and medication can really help and many people can live a healthy and happy life with treatment. Read through these signs of depression for more information that can save a life.

1 Sadness

Obviously, everyone feels sad from time to time, even for no explainable reason. However, one of the signs of depression is a persistent sadness that lasts for many weeks. Often depression arises due to a traumatic life event, such as a death or divorce. However, normal sadness generally wanes with time. If it doesn’t, clinical depression could be to blame. If you continue feeling sad, see your doctor.

2 Loss of Interest

If you suddenly don’t look forward to a juicy new novel, an unused skein of yarn for knitting or playing in the park with your kids, you might be depressed. One of the hallmarks of depression is the loss of interest in things that were once pleasurable and anticipated. Whatever those things are for you, if you stop looking forward to them or can’t muster the energy to do them, talk to a doctor.


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3 Sleep Issues

Depression is often characterized by excessive sleeping. After all, it’s easy to escape the feelings by just going back to bed. On the other hand, some people who are depressed have trouble sleeping and begin to experience insomnia. Don’t be alarmed if you have sleep issues independent of anything else. However, if your new slumbering habits are accompanied by other symptoms on this list, it might be time to get some help.

4 Appetite Changes

Have you suddenly become ravenous and want to eat everything in sight? Or do you just not feel like eating at all? Changes to your appetite and eating habits can indicate depression, though usually not on their own. Some people with depression experience weight loss while others gain weight. If your appetite changes in addition to feeling sad and upset, talk to your doctor for a mental health referral.

5 Trouble Concentrating

Many people put up a good front when they’re depressed. That means they appear to be functioning and slogging through life as normal. However, underneath you might have a hard time concentrating at work or on daily chores. You might find your mind wandering or have a hard time remembering things. Depression can dominate your thoughts and actions, so if you can’t seem to get your focus, there could be a bigger issue to blame.

6 Anxiety

Anxiety is its own mental health condition, but it is often present in people who suffer from depression. It can present itself in the form of excessive worrying, restlessness and irritability. There are medications that are very effective for treating anxiety and they can often make depression easier to treat as well. It’s important to take these pills under a doctor’s guidance for safety reasons.

7 Suicidal Thoughts or Actions

The scariest signs of depression are feelings of wanting to die. If you think about how easy it would be to just check out and even have a plan, it’s definitely time to get some help. Many depressed people also use attempts at suicide to get someone to understand what they’re going through. If you ever feel like killing yourself, call 911 right away. You might think that’s the answer in the moment, but you can get help and make life feel worth living.

Do you have depression? How do you treat it? Would you get help for someone if you knew they were depressed? It’s important to take depression seriously. You can’t talk someone out of it – they must get professional help.

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