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If you suffer from serious PMS every month, you may be experiencing signs of PMDD without realizing it. PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is a severe form of PMS. In the days leading up to your period, it can completely disrupt your life by causing unpleasant psychological and physical symptoms. If you experience any of these common signs of PMDD, it is important to discuss the problem with your doctor.

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We all have the blues once in a while, but this kind of depression is more serious than that. If you experience severe feelings of hopelessness, this is one of the signs of PMDD that you shouldn’t ignore. This is especially true if you are so depressed that you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others. This depression can strike completely out of the blue. Even if you are a happy person the rest of the month, do not ignore this symptom.



The sweetest, most even-tempered woman in the world can experience serious PMDD mood swings. You may not even know why you are angry at the world. The smallest annoyances may suddenly make you really mad. If you are uncharacteristically angry before your period, you may have PMDD. This is more severe than typical PMS mood swings.


Loss of Interest

Mild depression is normal for many women with PMS, but PMDD takes it to a whole new level. For about a week every month, do you lose interest in everything that usually makes you happy? With PMDD, nothing really makes you excited or interested. PMDD may cause you to avoid social interactions, as well. If you suddenly feel like being alone for a few days each month, it could be a case of PMDD.


Social Anxiety

PMDD-related anxiety not only causes you to lose interest in everything you normally love, it may also cause you to experience an unusually high level of anxiety. Even if you are usually a social person with plenty of friends, this condition can cause severe social anxiety, or a fear of being around others. Do not ignore this symptom if it occurs more than once. If it happens only once, you might chalk it up to a bad case of PMS. However, if it happens repeatedly, discuss it with your doctor.


Panic Attacks

Are you normally a level-headed person who only experiences panic attacks before your period each month? If you suffer from PMDD, regular responsibilities like paying bills or job-related duties may completely stress you out. A little bit of stress is normal, but PMDD may cause you to feel a great amount of anxiety. During a panic attack, you might experience shortness of breath and emotional outbursts. Do not ignore this symptom.


Joint Pain

PMDD often causes sufferers to experience uncommon aches and pains. This is not just menstrual cramps or regular stiffness that accompanies normal PMS. PMDD-related joint pain can really hurt! Talk to your doctor if this joint pain disrupts your regular activities. There could be a form of exercise, stretching or medication that can help.



Some PMDD sufferers mistakenly think they have chronic fatigue syndrome. If you only experience severe fatigue a few days each month, it could be PMDD. This is the kind of fatigue that keeps you from going to work or completing physical tasks that you can normally accomplish. PMS can cause fatigue, too. If serious fatigue is accompanied by other PMDD symptoms, do not ignore it.

Do not ignore these uncomfortable signs of PMDD because your doctor might be able to help, or at least suggest ways to alleviate the symptoms. If you suffer from PMDD, what helps you deal with it each month?

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These things can all happen during menopause as well. My Doc says to just push through it and it will pass in time. Ugh.

Me too esp the joint pains.. In my knees and hips sometimes which made no sense but now it does. So Glad I read this!

It's hard to deal with at times, glad I read this article! And I agree with Pari .. Personality sucks!

Same here wow I just thought I was dealing the normal pms... Thank you for this eye opening information as always.

My fear is if pms doesn't exist then this is my real personality :D I have all these symtoms

i think i have PMMD...

I nearly cried reading this article and then researching pmdd even more...... I can't believe I allowed myself to think it was all in my head and even when telling the doctor and the doctor NOT realising the amount of days I would take off was due to a medical reason not me just being slack and not being motivated enough to go to work.... I'm annoyed that soooo much time has passed but at least I'll be going to the doctor and bringing it to their attention.....thank you SO MUCH for this article it really was a lifesaver :)

Oh wow. Explains a lot x

Thank you I have these symptoms and didn't know what they were...now I'm informed...

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