5 Signs You Are Not Healthy Even if You Feel Great ...


5 Signs You Are Not Healthy  Even if You Feel Great ...
5 Signs You Are Not Healthy  Even if You Feel Great ...

For the most part, when you are coming down with something, you can feel a change and difference in your body. We can feel we’ve got a cold coming on, or if we are going to be having stomach issues in a short while, but sometimes, even the most serious of issues can go completely undetected until you suddenly find yourself really sick. There are plenty of ailments and issues a person can have that don’t even evoke negative symptoms, that is, unless you know how to recognise other signs. Here are five signs you are not healthy, even if you feel great.

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Sudden Hair Loss

We all lose quite a bit of hair when we wash in the shower etc., but when you start to notice more locks coming away than normal, that could be a sign of a more serious problem. It could be stress and it could be malnutrition even though you aren’t starving yourself. It’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Chronic Fatigue

You might feel healthy in the sense that you aren’t in any pain at all, but if you find yourself absolutely exhausted for no reason all the time then something is probably up. I’m talking more than just busy schedule tiredness, more like an inexplicable inability to even make yourself dinner at night. Look out for obvious things like lack of sleep, but also consider the emotional impact of relationship or family issues.


Irregular Bowel Movements

You should be having at least one bowel movement every day. Anything much more than that or much less than that could be a sign of something wrong. Before you go to the doctor to share your concerns, try adding more fibre to your diet to test if it improves the regularity of your bathroom habits.



Don’t just put down regular headaches to things like lack of sleep, busy working hours, and too much screen time. They might be causes, but there are sometimes more serious issues underneath. If you are suffering from frequent and severe headaches that stop you from working, you need to visit your doctor.



Sure, your frequent bloating could be down to poor food choices, but it could also be down to much more serious things like ovarian cancer, kidney failure, liver disease, or coeliac disease. Don’t just live with bloating; it if doesn’t go away, get it checked out.

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