5 Simple πŸ‘Œ Health Checks βœ… All Women πŸ’― Should do Regularly πŸ“† ...

As a woman, you know you should be checking your breasts, but there are other simple health checks every woman should do regularly. There aren’t always obvious symptoms of a disease that indicates that you need to visit the doctor. Also, if you aren’t familiar with your body, you might not know when things change or symptoms begin to show. To make sure that you remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible, here are five simple health checks that every woman should do regularly.

1. Moles and Beauty Marks

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One of the most simple health checks every woman should do regularly is a skin check. Lots of women have various moles and beauty marks all over their bodies, and it is important to get to know every single one of them in order to be able to tell if something has changed. If you have a mole that seems to have changed colour or shape, or a beauty mark that all of a sudden has started to itch or grow, then that could be an early sign of something serious, so make sure that you do regular checks to see if anything looks different.

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