8 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Get You to Sleep ...


8 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Get You to Sleep ...
8 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Get You to Sleep ...

If you are anything like me, then sleep is something that you constantly want and need, but also something that you find it very hard to achieve! If you can’t remember the last time you had a truly peaceful night’s sleep, then it might be time to start seeking help and advice from others. The most important part is drifting off in the first place, but that is sometimes easier said than done! Here are some simple mindfulness tricks to help get you to sleep.

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Deep Breaths

The best place to start is always with a period of nice deep deep breaths in and out. The notion of inhaling and exhaling slowly and steadily can really help to centre yourself, and helps to lower your heart rate before laying down in bed.


Filter Thoughts

As you are doing this breathing, pay close attention to your thoughts. If small, insignificant things pop in to your mind, let them go by and disappear, but if important things come to mind, make sure to write them down so that you have a way to remember them and don’t have to keep them in your head when trying to sleep.


Ray of Sun

When you are laying in bed, close your eyes and imagine that a hot ray of sun is coming through a window and sitting directly on your feet, warming them through your blankets and helping to make you comfortable.



As you are settling into bed, repeat the words ‘breathe and relax’ to yourself as you work on your inhaling and exhaling, at the same time stretching your body out to get rid of muscle tension.



Next, focus on your hips, rotating them around to release tension, and turning in bed until you find a spot that feels the most comfortable. The more comfortable your hips are, the most likely the rest of your body is to able to fall asleep.


Full Body

When you have found your position, imagine that ray of sun moving from your feet slowly all the way up your body, warming your legs, your back, your shoulders, and your face.


Nature Sounds

A great sleep hack is to get an app on your phone that can play natural sounds for your room. The sound of a jungle breeze with a few small animal coos incorporated can be really peaceful and relaxing.


Water Nearby

Make sure that you always have a glass of water on your bedside table. Most of the time, this water doesn’t even get touched during the night, but the peace of mind of it being there, knowing that you don’t have to get up and go to the kitchen, can actually help you to fall in to a deeper slumber.

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