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30 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care Right Now ...

By TeeJay

Looking for some simple ways to practice self-care? It is important to take care of yourself. Whether it’s taking an extra-long bath, or indulging at your favorite restaurant, we all need to take care of ourselves. It is not always easy to take care of yourself especially when you are taking care of others and working hard at work, school and to things done, but self-care is a necessity, which is why you need to try these simple ways to practice self-care.

1 Burn Your Favorite Scented Candle and Take a Long Hot Bath

2 Go for a Walk in Your Favorite Park

3 Bake and Indulge in Your Favorite Dessert

4 Give Yourself a Manicure & Pedicure

5 Do a Face Mask and Sip Wine

6 Buy Yourself Some Fresh Flowers

7 Treat Yourself to a Facial

8 Do a Digital Detox - No Electronics for a Whole Day

9 Declutter Your Space

10 Go on an Intense Hike and Appreciate the View at the Top

11 Binge Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show

12 Invite Your Best Friend over for Wine and Cooking

13 Do Something That Brings You Joy

14 Go to an Art Museum

15 Find Some Live Music to Listen to on a Night out

16 Go to Your Favorite Restaurant with Your Loved One

17 Sleep in for a Couple of Hours on the Weekend

18 Learn a New Skill

19 Plan a Weekend Getaway

20 Read Your Favorite Book

21 Meditate

22 Go Dancing

23 Work toward Something That Inspires You

24 Have a Girl’s Night in

25 Watch a Stand-up Comedy

26 Make a Vision Board

27 Learn How to Say No

28 Gift Yourself

29 Read a Book

30 Reflect on Your Accomplishments

What is your favorite way to practice self-care? Comment down below.

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