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Do you know the ways to slash sugar? Sugar is in everything, from crackers and peanut butter to cookies, cereal and an endless array of other products. But the amount of sugar you consume in one day can add up quickly if you are not mindful of this. So what can you do to cut down on the sugar in your diet? One of the easiest things to do is to read your food labels and know what you are eating. You can also avoid processed foods and eat fresh whole foods. Here are just a few more smart ways to slash sugar from your diet to help you lose weight:

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Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sports drinks, fruit juices and sodas are all loaded with sugar, so you want to avoid these and increase your intake of water. Did you know that a 20 ounce bottle can contain over 60 grams of sugar? So one of the easiest ways to slash sugar is skipping the soda, and this small change can yield big results in the weight loss department.


Read Food Labels

Ingredients are listed in order of the amount that is in a product, from largest to smallest. If sugar or an artificial sweetener is listed in the first few ingredients, or at all, you may want to avoid eating this product to better your health and waistline. So make sure you read all food labels and be aware of what exactly you are putting into your mouth.


Increase Your Protein

If you start eating more protein you will feel fuller and crave less sugar as a result. Protein helps curb your appetite, allowing you to have fewer cravings and make healthier choices as a result. Protein can also help stabilize your blood sugar levels to keep your energy high. So add some eggs, fish and other lean protein to your diet starting today!


Avoid Processed Foods

As you read the food labels, make sure you understand exactly what you are eating. If there are more than 5 ingredients, chances are this product is highly processed and should not be eaten as a result. It is best to choose whole fruits, veggies and lean protein so that you make the healthiest food choices.


Eat Fresh

Canned veggies are loaded with sugar, which is apparent by the great taste. It is best to eat fresh when possible and when veggies are out of season, choose frozen. But fresh is always best!

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Snack on Fruit

Enjoy natural sugars in fruit so you do not crave processed sugars in cookies, candies and other treats. If you begin to routinely eat fruit, you will be amazed how your cravings for processed sugar vanish. You will begin to crave the sweetness of a ripened peach, the sugary taste of watermelon and the bittersweet taste of a plum! And you will better your health in the process!


Re-strategize Dessert Time

Dessert time does not have to be centered on sugar laden food like cookies, baked goods and other sugary sweets. Re-think your dessert time and start having healthier alternatives like fruits. If you eat natural foods, you can never go wrong.

With all these simple ways to slash sugar from your eating, it is time for you to use this knowledge as the power to change your life. Are you ready to make simple changes to better your health and your waistline? Then ditch the processed sugar and get your health in gear starting today!

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Oh my gah, I had no idea the order in which the ingredients are displayed determines the amount! Such a helpful tip, thanks!

Have you ever actually read the nutrition label on canned veggies? They are not loaded with sugar. If you were talking about canned fruit you would be closer to right, if they're packed in any sort of syrup or fruit juice. It is possible though to buy canned fruit in water. And canned foods still have nutritional value and are all many people can afford.

Number 1 is the tip that would benefit me most :) I drink too much coke :/

I can handle everything but #7. I'm sorry, if I'm going to have dessert, then I'm going to have dessert ;-)

I love sugar and will eat it any day

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