14 Steps to a Positive Bedtime Routine for the Best Nights Sleep ...

By Deeceebee

14 Steps  to a Positive  Bedtime  Routine  for the Best  Nights  Sleep  ...

When it comes to getting good sleep at night, it is all about getting into a routine that is going to give you the best chance of putting your head down and falling into the most refreshing and recharging slumber possible. As for what that routine should be, it can differ for people depending on what their working hours are etc., but there are definitely a few things that should be adhered to by everyone. Here are fourteen steps for a positive bedtime routine for the best night’s sleep.

1 Exercise

It is important to get some exercise in during the day because it will help you to use up all of that excess energy that you would otherwise have taken with you into the late evening.

2 Sunlight

Make sure to expose yourself to sunlight for periods during the day. The sun helps you to get more Vitamin D, and Vitamin D has been proven to have a positive impact on your sleep.

3 No Naps

Try your best not to come home from work and have a nap straight away, because this will only serve to overcharge your batteries and leave you feeling more awake when the time comes to go to bed.

4 Avoid the Bedroom

Get into the habit of treating your bedroom as primarily a place for sleeping and sex, so don’t go and spend time in there during the day when you could be doing the same things elsewhere.

5 Healthy Diet

The more healthy your diet is, the more balanced your body will be, and this includes knowing when to shut down for the night and allow you to sleep.

6 Caffeine Cut off

Be strict with yourself and have a caffeine cut off point of six hours before your scheduled bedtime. It might seem excessive, but its absolutely vital.

7 Avoid Upset

Try your best to avoid bringing up and talking about anything that is particularly emotionally upsetting to you because those thoughts will stay in your head and keep you up.

8 No Big Meals

Don’t have a huge dinner too late in the evening, because you will end going to bed whilst your body is still trying to digest the food which isn’t ideal for resting.

9 No Screens

Don’t watch TV or play games when you are laying in bed, you don’t want to do anything that is going to further stimulate your brain when you are settled.

10 Avoid Alcohol

The closer it gets to bedtime, the wiser it is to avoid alcohol. Drinking might cause you to drift off quicker, but it results in a messy and interrupted sleep rather than a deep one.

11 Rituals

Embrace a few nighttime rituals that can help you get into a better sleep routine, like taking a hot bath at the same time, practising mindfulness, and doing some light reading before lights out.

12 Don’t Clock Watch

Try not to watch the clock and witness the minutes pass by, because internally you are stimulating your brain to keep on doing this task, therefore staying away for even longer.

13 Don’t Force It

Rather than thinking about sleeping, think about literally anything else. Make up an extravagant daydream in your head and you will find yourself drifting away in no time.

14 Change Mattress

Seriously, when was the last time you changed your mattress? On average, we sleep on the same surface for way too long. Maybe it’s worth investing in a brand new one?

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