5 Guaranteed βœ… Steps πŸ“Ά to Getting Your Sanity πŸ™ƒ Back!

Do you need some steps to get your sanity back? Living in a world that consists of complete chaos, disappointment, confusion, and constant interaction can make even the sanest woman go nuts! We have to deal with, and most times fix, issues as they arise with our children, significant others, co-workers, boss, needy friends, and the list goes on! When this happens, we find it tough to be within the silence of our own mind because it’s not always so easy to actually silence the mind.

It’s time to get your sanity back, starting today! With these 5 easy steps to get your sanity back you will FINALLY get the inner peace and mental clarity that you need to be yourself once again. So let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Find a Quiet Place

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Don’t give me that β€œI can’t find a place” mumbo-jumbo, either. Any room can serve as your quiet place, even if you go into your closet or the bathroom for the solace you seek. The point is that you want a place that is isolated from the rest of the family and that will give you at least 5 minutes of silence. This is one of the most important steps to get your sanity back.

2. Don’t Forget to Breathe

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Once you find your quiet place, take a moment to breathe in 3 solid breaths. Inhale through your nose with your eyes closed and then exhale through your mouth. Make sure the air that you take in is nice and long. Feel the air as it fills your chest and then feel the air as it leaves your body upon your exhale. Be sure to do this 3 times, at least.

3. Clear Your Mind

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I know that’s a very tall order but trust me, it can be done. After you have completed your 3 deep meditative breaths, keep your eyes closed and focus your attention on how your breathing feels. Follow your chest in your mind by noticing when it goes up from your inhale and when it goes down on the exhale. Really do your best to find the intrigue of how your steady, calm breath feels inside of your body. This will take time to perfect, but after a few attempts, you will get the hang of it. This process is critical because it is the first step in taking control of your mind, rather than your mind taking control of you.

4. Take a Look around without Opening Your Eyes

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This sounds crazy. I know want to try it, nonetheless. While your eyes are closed, and you are still breathing calmly, try to see the darkness that surrounds you. Consciously see the empty, black void that surrounds you and holds you so protectively. That void is the keeper of your mind, body, and spirit. Truth be told, when you close your eyes you don’t see anything but a dark void anyway, so use it to benefit your needs at this time.

5. Fight the Powers That Be

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Without a doubt, your mind will attempt to wander into a land of constant self-talk. This is the part where you will hear yourself talk about whatever is on your mind that day. Maybe you will hear your mind discussing an issue as it pertains to your job. Or maybe you will begin thinking about a problem you are dealing with in regard to your family or a loved one. If this happens, don’t beat yourself up about it. The chaos in your mind didn’t happen overnight and neither will the peace that you are working hard to gain. Love your attempt, regardless.

Make it a point to do this activity for 3 days. After your third day, do it for 3 more and so on. Take baby steps toward the inner sanity that awaits you. It may not come easy but I guarantee that it will definitely be worth it.

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