7 Stretches That'll Slaughter Your Anxiety ...

If you are feeling tight and tense due to anxiety, you may want to stretch out your body so you can ease the pain. With everyday tasks it is okay to feel stress and anxiety but don’t just sit there do something about it. Certain stretches can have you feeling more limber and help the stress to melt away. But in order to continue to feel loose and limber you should perform these stretches on a regular basis. So get in a meditative state, find inner peace and get your stretch on with these super effective exercises:

1. Try This 5 Minute Simple Stretch

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Sometimes keeping it simple is just the way to go and this is especially true when starting out with stretching. Simple stretches are effective in helping loosen the body without over reaching and straining the body. Follow along to the stretches in this video and hopefully you will breathe easier and just feel better!

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