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3 Super Easy Tricks to Sleeping when It's Too Darned Hot ...

By Lydia

It’s a vicious cycle that we can never seem to break from. You wait all year long for summer to finally come around, and then for two to three months, you spend every waking minute of your life complaining that it is too damn hot! This is especially the case when it comes to trying to sleep in on hot summer nights. When you are used to snuggling underneath a thick duvet, the heavy air of summer nights can have you tossing and turning until sunrise. Here are some easy tricks for sleeping when it’s too darned hot outside!

1 Cool Room

It goes without saying, but you need to try and make your room as cool as possible. Keep your curtains and blinds closed all day so that the sun can’t get in their and leave residual heat and keep as many windows open as you can so that some of that cooler night air can get in and circulate in the darkness.

2 Late Night Inactivity

Change your routine so that you don’t have to do anything strenuous and active before going to bed. Anything like exercise in the evening is going to raise your body temperature even further and give you problems later on when you are trying to rest. Ironically, taking a lukewarm shower before bed can actually help because you will cool off as you dry.


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3 Small Meals

To avoid tossing and turning in the heat all night, it is always best to eat small meals that don’t fill you up. Your body temperature rises when your digestive system is working overtime to break own a huge plate of food. Keep your meals to light and healthy things and you won’t have to contend with the food sweats in the heat!

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