8 Superfoods for Longevity ...

Longevity is a hot topic right now in the health world, and superfoods for longevity are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. Our immune systems are responsible for keeping us healthy, energized, and helping us age well. By strengthening the immune system, we are able to create a healthy state for our whole body that increases the possibility of a longer life span. Superfoods have been linked to longevity for their powers to heighten the function of the immune system, prevent disease and infection, improve mood and memory, and improve and increase energy levels. Each of these benefits lead to a longer life, and many of these superfoods also prevent depression and anxiety. Check out these superfoods for longevity and try one or two whenever you get the chance.

1. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is quite possibly one of the best superfoods for longevity, and a host of other health issues as well. Truly, is there anything this oil can’t do for us? Coconut oil has been linked to a better metabolism, enhanced thyroid function, and has been known to prevent depression, increase energy, improve focus, and best of all, it is a potent antiviral food. Coconut oil can prevent fungal infections and yeast infections, therefore it can ward off disease. Coconut oil's medium chain triglyceride fats also help to detox and support liver function, which is the most important organ we have for filtering out harmful toxins, diseases and unhealthy fats. I love coconut oil in smoothies, on cooked veggies, in baked goods, or for mixing into homemade energy bars.

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