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If you feel that you’ve let all your problems overwhelm you and you’re starting to wonder that maybe you should seek out some help, then you should definitely pay attention to the signs you should see a therapist. The sooner you seek out treatment, the faster you’ll feel better. Try to ignore all those myths about psychotherapy that are far too popular nowadays. You don’t have to be crazy or desperate to go to therapy. It will actually help you overcome any obstacle that you may encounter in your path without stressing yourself too much about every little thing that doesn’t go according to your plan. Here are a few sure signs you should see a therapist that you shouldn’t ignore if your goal is to live a happy and fulfilled life:

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A Problem Causes Significant Distress in Your Everyday Life

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most obvious signs you should see a therapist. If one of your problems has started to influence your functioning in all areas of your life, then you should consider seeking help. If you’ve been feeling anxious, depressed or not like yourself for quite some time, then you should do something about it to try to improve your mental state.


Your Friends Feel Overwhelmed by Your Problems

If your friends and family members have become tired of listening to all your problems and they began to feel overwhelmed by all your worries and insecurities, then you should consider the possibility of going to therapy. This way, you’ll be able to talk to a professional that can help you deal with all your problems in a more healthy way.


You Can’t do the Things You like to do

Have you stopped doing things you enjoy or that you used to adore just because something has happened and you just can’t seem to move on? A lot of people realize that painful experiences and memories prevent them from having fun and from enjoying life’s little pleasures. If this is the case, then maybe this is a red flag that something is amiss in your life.


Something Traumatic Has Happened

Another sure sign you should see a therapist is that something traumatic has happened to you. If you are the victim of an accident or you have a history of abuse, neglect or any other trauma, and those events interfere significantly with your proper functioning and they affect your well-being, then you should definitely talk to a professional who will help you cope with that situation.


Nothing You’ve Done Seems to Have Helped

Anyone who experiences significant distress in their lives is always searching for new ways to deal with their problems and to diminish their anxiety, depression or any other feeling that affects their happiness. But if nothing you’ve done seems to have helped you feel better, then it’s definitely the time to seek the help of a certified therapist that will teach how to cope with your problems in a more effective way.


You Start Abusing Things to Help You Alleviate Your Symptoms

If you start abusing things like drugs, alcohol or even sex, because you think these behaviors will help you cope with your problems, then you need the help of a therapist. In the long term, these coping skills will only cause you more problems and instead of feeling better, you might end up feeling even worse.


People Have Noticed

If the people around you have noticed that you might need some help in order to deal with your problems properly, then you should listen to their advice and do something on this matter. Sometimes we tend to ignore the most obvious signs in our lives, but if all your loved ones are telling you that you should go see a therapist, then maybe they know what they are talking about.

It’s not easy asking for help, but sometimes, this is a necessary thing to do, since it can significantly improve your well-being. Have you ever been to therapy? How did you realize that you needed the help of a therapist? Do you know any other obvious signs that someone should see a therapist? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Dawn is exactly right. In a working environment I have seen professionals act inappropriately too. It is a bit of a gamble, they've got the training to give you advice on how to help you manage your symptoms, but it doesn't always mean they're the best kinds of ppl.

Make sure you pick out someone you a comfortable talking to. I had a therapist when I was 17 for an eating disorder (which I still have at the age of 20) because I wasn't comfortable talking to her.

Having panic or anxiety attacks. They can be very upsetting (to say the least) and frequent attacks can disrupt your life. Even of they are minor, it still may be wise to see a therapist. A professional can help you discover the reason for these panic or anxiety attacks, and even give you ideas on how to handle yourself should you have another attack.

therapists are people too. they can be pretty horrible or great depending. I have has horrible experiences and would never go back to one. if you get a bad feeling or think they are being weird or not receptive to your concerns or goals just leave. psychos are every where.

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