We Need to Talk about Huge Areolas! What You Need to Know about Your Breasts ...

We've all been there; the phase in life where you start discovering your own body and becoming curious of the bodies of other girls. Not necessarily in a sexual way, just wondering if everyone is made the same. Despite what you do know, or what you think you may know, here are 7 commonly asked questions about areolas, and their answers right here thanks to yourtango.com.

1. What Does It Mean if Your Areolas Are Bigger than Usual?

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Sometimes natural breasts look unnatural when things don't appear perfectly symmetrical. One areola on one breast may seem to have a little more roundness or unique shape to it than the one on your other boob.

It's completely normal to have one areola a little bigger or smaller than the other. The reason that one size might be different from another is due to the way your body developed in the womb. But don't be surprised if a woman has small areolas, but after pregnancy, they grow in diameter.

The purpose for an areola is to help a baby see where to nurse when with the mother. That's how nature takes care of itself and it's own.

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