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These Are the Best before-and-after Shots Ever

By Jennifer

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and be photographed with the "old" you, the you before some life-changing or pivotal event? Beth Beard did just that — sort of. Her friend and wildly creative photographer Blake Morrow took a set of shots of Beth before and after her extreme weight loss journey. But these aren't your average before-and-after shots, as you can see, below. They're The Beth Project, and they. are. AH-MAZING.

1 See You in Space

See You in Space

2 Sing It, Sister!

Sing It, Sister!

3 Comedy Legends

Comedy Legends

4 Beth is the New Beth

Beth is the New Beth

5 It's on!

It's on!

6 Beth Fight!

Beth Fight!

7 Bathing Beauties, One!

Bathing Beauties, One!

8 Bathing Beauties, Two!

Bathing Beauties, Two!

9 The Hills Are Alive...

The Hills Are Alive...

10 An Artistic Couple

An Artistic Couple

11 My Favorite Tee

My Favorite Tee To find out more about Beth, visit

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