These 21 GIFs Sum up Period Week Perfectly ...

By Jennifer

These 21 GIFs Sum up Period Week Perfectly ...

Love it (what?) or hate it, you have to admit there's nothing quite like your period week. Me? I get hangry. And weepy. Which of these GIFs is your period week?

1 So. Hungry

I want to eat everything in sight.

2 Ugh, the Euphemisms

Everyone seems to have something SO CLEVER to say. Please.

3 Two Words: Menstrual Cramps

How can she look so blase when she says this?

4 The Feels!

Everything makes me cry during period week. EVERYTHING. EVERY. THING.

5 When It Sneaks up on You

Oh, a beach vacation? It sure would be a shame if your period arrived ... early!

6 When You Think It's Going to Be a "light" Day

Yeah. NOPE. I hope you brought extra pads.

7 The Good News is...

Even if you haven't had sex at all in the 28 days, this is still good news, right?

8 When You Know There's an Imminent Leak

Don't MOVE. No one will know! Don't let it go!

9 So Tired!

Am I the only one who just wants to sleep all week?

10 Angry? Me?

Telling me to calm down will always have the opposite effect, whether or not I'm on my period.

11 Nope! Not Angry!

Again, I'm not angry! Or unreasonable!

12 Bear Attacks!

Great! Now we have to worry about this too? Really?

13 White Pants?

White pants are really just an invitation for your period to start RIGHT NOW.

14 If ONLY

I know, I know, the wonder of my body and the beauty and the miracle, but I just can't get this excited about it. Nope.

15 Truly

By day four, I'm just DONE.

16 Day Five

Yep. It's still here. Dammit.

17 Did I Mention the Cramps?

They just won't go away, and no, Midol doesn't effing help.

18 By Day Six...

I'm not squeamish, but really, can this just stop please?

19 Oh, You Thought It Was over?

Occasionally there's just an extra day. Be prepared.

20 The Tampon Tax

Don't get me started on why we women have to pay sales tax on tampons. In spite of what male lawmakers think, they're not an effing luxury.

21 The Girls

Before and during period week, are your girls sore, too? Ouch.

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