Things Only the Sleep Deprived Will Be Able to Understand ...

It is particularly clear that you are one of the many sleep deprived people if no matter how much sleep you get, it never seems enough. When most people are getting up for the day, you have barely gotten any sleep and since the world runs on regular time unlike you biological clock, you have try to do the same. Normal hours are just not for you or any other sleep deprived people.

1. Falling Asleep in Class

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If you are still in high school or in college, you probably know just how hard it is to keep you eyes open and head up even during some of your favorite lectures. It seems like the more effort you put into staying up and paying attention, the more difficult it is to stay conscious of your surroundings. So you end up going through cyclical periods of drowsing off to sleep and pinching your cheeks to stay awake as many other sleep deprived people.

2. Being Hungry All the Time

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In addition to being easily irritated and drowsy, you always end up craving a lot more food than usual when you are sleep deprived. Intuitively we can deduce that sleep deprived people have more time to consume calories, but in addition to that those with lack of sleep produce a higher level of hormones that signal the body that it is time to eat and less of those hormones that signal being full.

3. Avoiding Everyone Early in the Morning

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If you are not a morning person who suffers from a lack of sleep, other people know better than to cross paths with you in the morning. You can be the sweetest person to walk this planet, but just the sound of the alarm can put you into a rage. Trust me I know this from experience! So if you haven’t had time to catch up on sleep, take some time to mentally wake up before facing the civilization.

4. All You Look Forward to is Sleep

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When you do manage to hold up throughout the day, all you ever think about is the moment when you will finally get to go home and sleep. I remember having to pass out on dinner plans with family and friends, just because in that moment sleep was more important than anything else plus imagine how much fun would I have been if I did attend those events.

5. You End up Napping for Hours

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However once you are finally reunited with your bed and you decide to take a nap for half hour, your nap unintentionally turns into a short sleep that last for a couple of hours. You schedule get’s pushed back and you then have to stay up even later just so you can finish off everything you have to do for the day.

6. Weekends Are Not Enough to Recuperate

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When the weekend rolls around, you don’t really have the chance to enjoy it as others do. So you end up sleeping those two days away but it still ends up not being enough because somehow you always go back to your horrendous sleeping patterns once Monday comes around and the cycle repeats again.

7. You Have Certain Pride for Your Ability to Function on No Sleep

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Aside from feeling completely destroyed by the lack of sleep, you still feel a certain sense of pride for being able to somewhat properly function on no sleep. With a little effort and lots of luck, you have managed to meet the standards! Common you deserve a pat on the back!

The world does not seem like a happy place when sleep is not in the equation. So remember to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night and even more if you are still in your developing stages! What are some other things that are caused by sleep deprivation? Share in the comments.

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