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For many women, not much thought goes into getting their menstruation. A woman's period is a natural occurrence for most ladies. While you may go through your period without any problems, some women deal with various issues with their periods every month.

To better understand how your period works and how to have a better experience every time you get it, take a look at the following information:

- A menstrual period is a time a woman experiences vaginal bleeding. Menstruation happens at the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. It's the time when the female body prepares for a possible pregnancy every month by releasing an egg. When the egg isn't fertilized by sperm, the lining of the uterus sheds resulting in vaginal bleeding.

- On average, the first period will occur from age 11 to 14. The menstrual cycle will regularly arrive (usually every month) until the woman reaches menopause which is typically by age 51. The menstrual cycle repeats every 24 days up to 38 days and lasts from four days up to eight. Many women experience different symptoms before and during their menstruation, including food cravings and period pain.

- Women may experience one or more period-related problems during their lifetime. Some of the most common issues include premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, uterine fibroid, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Another common period-related issue is menorrhagia, or very heavy period bleeding.

- It is reported that people spend over $2 billion on menstrual products in the United States every year. Other than the usual pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, there are also alternative period products like menstrual discs, reusable sea sponges, and period panties.

If it's your first time to hear about period underwear, you'll be glad to find out more about this innovative product offers several benefits to users. However, it's crucial to choose period panties that will best suit your preferences.

Factors To Consider In Choosing Period Underwear

You may be wondering what period undergarments are. For a lot of women, the usual period products are sanitary napkins, reusable pads, liners, menstrual cups, or tampons. However, some of these menstrual hygiene products are not effective in preventing leaks, or that they're uncomfortable or inconvenient to use. Period underwear, sold by retailers like Knix, on the other hand, offers worry-free protection so you can be at your best even during your heaviest period day. These are the factors that matter when looking for period undergarments.

1. The Right Fit

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One of the first and most vital factors to consider when buying period panties is finding the right fit to ensure the utmost comfort and reliable protection. There are plenty of brands offering period underwear in different styles and colors, but do they have them in your size? Make sure to ask the company or store offering period panties for the sizing of their items. A reliable brand aims to help customers find the right fit. Look for one that offers virtual fitting so you can find the perfect-sized leakproof underwear.

2. The Best Materials

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Because period underwear can be used on its own or as added protection against leaks when using pads or tampons, you should choose a brand that uses flexible but comfortable materials. It is best to look for period panties made from breathable, organic cotton. Some brands offer antimicrobial or antibacterial period undergarments. While these added features may be beneficial for your health, there should be complete disclosure of the materials used to make sure you are buying a safe, non-toxic product.

Another crucial factor to check when buying period underwear is to find out how absorbent the products are. Because women "bleed" differently, it's a must to find period panties that will absorb as much blood as possible. You can also have a set of period underwear for your heavy-flow days and another one that is more suitable for light menstrual flows.

3. Ease of Care

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Women don't need additional laundry to take care of, or at least period underwear that's difficult to care for. Look for period panties that are easy to wash and maintain. The best types are those that can be soaked or rinsed in cold water and then thrown into the washing machine. The underwear should be hung dry or laid flat – never put in the dryer – in order to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

The goal of period underwear is to make women's lives easier and less complicated. With everything that's going on with life – school, work, romantic relationships, friendships, or motherhood, your period should be one less thing to worry about. Period underwear is designed to help women forget their period after wearing them, whether as a standalone product or as an additional layer of protection for traditional menstrual products.

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