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7 Things to Include in a Self-Care Box ...

By Michelle

In therapy, I learned all about the things to include in a self-care box by making one of one of my own. It’s important to take time for yourself so that you can unwind and release stress in a healthy way. A self-care box gives you a one-stop-shopping center for what you need on those more emotional days. Here are some things to include in a self-care box that you can make at home.

1 Tissues

TissuesA pack of tissues is a great addition to a self-care box. You never know when you are going to need them. I gave a self-care box to a friend on a special anniversary of her’s and made sure to include tissues. After a series of events, I ended up starting to cry and needed tissues. Luckily she had some on hand. It’s also a sign that it’s okay to cry and let it out. Tissues are a great thing to include in a self-care box.

2 Hand Lotion

Hand LotionYour hands do so much for you from reaching out to help your neighbors to making your bed and folding laundry. It’s time you show them some love and affection too. Hand lotion helps moisturize the skin so that you don’t get any cracks and irritated blotches. I make sure to use my lotion whenever I open my self-care box because sometimes I’m so busy I forget to pay close attention to my hands.


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3 Nail Polish

Nail PolishI suggest putting your favorite color of nail polish into your self-care box. Painting your nails helps take your mind away from your worries and you get to look pretty afterwards. The color teal calms me so having that color in my box helps me release any anxiety or frustration I have dancing inside of me.

4 Dried Flowers

Dried FlowersIf you’re a fan of dried flowers like me you may consider adding them to your self-care box. To me, they are a sign of preserved life. I can’t help but admire their beauty. I have a few dried flowers and leaves that I have saved over the years. I keep them in my self-care box to remind me about the essence of what and who I am. It’s not about being beautiful and attract adorning facts but the graceful elegance that lingers.

5 Photographs

PhotographsVisuals can help calm you down if you are disconnecting from your surroundings. You may include the picture of a loved pet, a peaceful beach or a meaningful photograph. In my box, I have a picture of myself on Barcelona beach. It’s not a strikingly beautiful or out of the ordinary to the average eye, but to me, I can see the smile in my eyes not my mouth. It was a moment when I was truly happy.

6 Positive Affirmations

Positive AffirmationsWhen you’re struggling with low self-esteem, it’s important to have some positive affirmations to combat them. Include slips of paper with handwritten notes from yourself and loved ones encouraging you and acknowledging you. I like rereading these papers because it reminds me that I am far more than I feel in any given moment. And there are people who care about me and think more highly of me than I do of myself at times.

7 Playdoh

PlaydohI don’t care how old you are, Play-doh never goes out of style. I was visiting family over the weekend and started playing with it with my young cousin. It’s malleable and can be molded into whatever your heart fancies; great if you want to distract yourself.

I hope these things to include in a self-care box inspired you to make one of your own. You can also include things that interest you such as a book, corny jokes, crayons with paper or anything your heart desires. What’s in your self-care box?

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