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Smoking is an addiction and a hard habit to break, which is why you should learn some of the things you must know before you quit smoking. I understand how hard it is to quit smoking, and the fears and worries associated with it. So, let's take this journey to quit together. Here are some things you must know before you quit smoking.

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Survey the Damage

You should begin your efforts by having a complete check-up with chest x-ray. Cigarette smoke is known to cause a multitude of cancers. Lung cancer is the most common. A chest x-ray determines the severity of the damage caused by years of smoking, and it is your first step to preventing cancer, if possible. Your doctor can prescribe medications to assist you in your efforts to quit. Any indication of cancer in other areas of your body should also be examined—don't risk it!



Most doctors advise their patients to begin an exercise plan prior to quitting. The primary reason for this is that exercise releases endorphins. It also releases dopamine, which is released when you smoke. Quitting will cause you to acquire a large volume of nervous energy, which you can use up during exercise. Your chosen plan can also assist you in maintaining your weight, as it is possible that you'll begin to gain weight immediately after you quit.


Diet Plan

Healthy foods are essential to maintaining good habits. A majority of smokers turn to sugary treats to cope with the loss of nicotine. This will not help you quit smoking. In fact, it could lead to depression. A balanced diet of proteins, fruits, and vegetables are ideal when you choose to lay off the tobacco.


Busy Hands

When you stop smoking, there's a high probability that you'll become frustrated easily. Smokers are used to placing their hand to their lips as they smoke. This habit lingers after you stop. It's best to find activities that allow you to keep your hands busy to ease this frustration.


No Smoking beyond This Point

It's almost impossible for a smoker to quit if their friends and family continue to smoke around them. Most products used to aid smokers in their efforts to quit are designed to make them sick when they come into contact with cigarette smoke. In fact, smokers who use nicotine patches face an immediate health risk by inhaling even second-hand smoke while wearing the patch. It's best if you discuss the probability of a smoke-free zone. This will help you quit and prevent adverse reactions.


Grape Seed Extract

A dear friend of mine has battled breast cancer and won. Her doctor told her of the benefits of grape seed extract. Among its benefits are its ability to combat cancer cells on a smaller scale. It's not a guaranteed option to prevent cancer overall, but it's always best to stack the odds in your favor. Plus it's healthy and good for you.


Trading Addictions

Most smokers trade addictions when they make an effort to quit. As I stated earlier, sugary snacks are a prime target, and they give an immediate jolt of energy. The problem here is that it won't replace the effects achieved by smoking, and it won't stop your cravings. It will, however, make you unhealthy as you'll eat larger quantities in an attempt to cope. Try healthy snacks like fruits or celery. Even sugar-free breath mints help. If you must trade one addiction for another, you should choose a healthy one.


Keeping Tabs on Your Health

At any time that you have an adverse reaction to a quit-smoking aid or prescription associated with this cause, contact your doctor immediately. You should schedule appointments any time that you become sick over the course of this journey. As I said before, smoking is an addiction and you should treat it as such. You will experience withdrawal symptoms, and they can become hazardous to your health.


OMG! It's Really True

You know how everyone tells you that after you quit, food tastes better? It's true. The elimination of cigarette smoke improves your sense of taste and smell. You'll experience a heightened awareness within the first couple of weeks of this change. This within itself is reason enough to want to quit.

To quit smoking for some is like suffering through phantom limb syndrome. It feels like you lost something that you should have attached to you, even though you really don't need it at all. What are some methods you have tried to assist you quit smoking?

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this article is rediculous. your saying that no one should ever try to quit smoking unless everyone around them stops because it's impossible? weak.

something that helped me personally were pistachios and beef jerky. the pistachios helped keep my hands busy and continue the hand to mouth movement. plus cracking that shell open helped relieve the stress and nerves. and honestly In regards to the friends smoking or being around smoke... I think it depends on the person. sometimes the second d hand smoke holds you over or encourages you.

As a person who has smoked, quit, gone back, quit and gone back, I think you both make valid points. No doubt, if you are going to quit you are going to have to accept that lots of other people will continue to smoke, and you will have to deal with it. at the same time, creating, on your own, a smoke-free zone certainly can help you in your efforts to quit. in my case, I make my car a smoke-free place. this may sound silly, but smoking in the car, having cigarettes available, is a major temp for me. I also try to make my computer space smoke-free, because using the PC/laptop and smoking go hand-in-hand in my nicotine-fueled world. since these are two spaces over which I do have control, I try to impose it in these two areas. also, I have to agree that exercise makes quitting easier, at least for me. if I can run early in the morning, I am much less likely to smoke. I recently hurt my back and take time off from my running routine, and almost immediately cigarettes took the place of exercise...isn't that sad :(...but, the reality is you CAN quit, just as you can choose a diet and stick to it. is it easy? NO! But like most things in this life, the hardest accomplishments to achieve are usually worth the most...

I didn't dictate to those around me either. but I avoided clubs and such to minimize being around it. I think that's all she meant. It is most definitely not impossible to quit. Difficult yes. Impossible no.

I've quit smoking as well successfully, but I didn't have the luxury of dictating what everyone around me did. just not realisticfor a lot of people and saying it's virtually impossible to quit is saying basically your setting yourself up to fail, which just isn't true.

all she said is to discuss a smoke free zone. in other worlds try and avoid situations where ppl are smoking around you. I have successfully quit smoking and all of these things are true. it's a hard journey but not an impossible one. and so worth it in the end.

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