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7 Things You Should do when You Get Pink Eye ...

By Alicia

I recently had my first case of pink eye. It wasn’t a fun experience but I did learn a lot about dealing with pink eye. In case you’ve never had it, pink eye involves itching, watering, irritation and discharge. Here’re the things you should do if it happens to you.

1 Call Your Doctor ASAP

If you find that you’ve contracted a case of pink eye then you want to call your doctor ASAP. Not all cases of pink eye require antibiotics but some do. That’s a question only your doctor can answer. Your doctor may want you to come in or they may just advise you of a treatment plan over the phone. Either way, contacting your doctor is going to get you the medical advice you need.

2 Wash Your Hands before Using Eye Drops

If you’re prescribed an antibiotic eye drop then this tip applies. You want to wash your hands before you handle your eye drops. This ensures that you don’t introduce any new germs into your eye. Also, be careful that the eye drops don’t touch your eye. It’s a good idea to have a Kleenex close by, too.


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3 Toss Your Contacts and Wear Glasses

I had to do this and was officially bummed. A week without contacts wasn’t fun at all! But your eyes heal faster when you don’t have contacts in them. Additionally, your contacts are contaminated when you’ve got pink eye. It’s better to let your eyes get over the infection completely before wearing contacts again.

4 Go without Eye Makeup

This one was almost as hard as going without contacts for me. It’s best to not wear eye makeup when you’ve got pinkeye. Your eye needs time to heal without the complication of eye makeup getting in the way. I got through the no eye makeup time period by wearing a bright pink lipstick, if that tip is helpful to you.

5 Toss Your Eyeliner and Mascara

I know it’s incredibly sad to have to do this! I was so frustrated because I’d just bought both a brand new eyeliner and mascara but think of the cost you’ll have to pay for medical treatment a second time if you re-infect yourself. It’s certainly cheaper to buy a new eyeliner and mascara. My doctor told me that I didn’t have to toss my eyeshadow but you’ll want to follow your doctor’s recommendations. You may want to wash your eyeshadow brushes, though.

6 Clean Commonly Touched Surfaces

Pinkeye is very contagious. For this reason, it’s good to clean commonly touched surfaces in your home. Think remotes, door knobs, handles, light switches, etc. It’s also a good idea to clean your bathroom and wash your sheets. Not only does this protect your family but helps protect you from getting it a second time.

7 Stay Away from People until You Aren’t Contagious

It’s not fun to cancel your plans but it’s best when you’ve got pinkeye. Most doctors say you’re contagious for 24 hours after starting eye drops so it’s really only one day you have to hibernate. Use the time to enjoy your cozy pjs and catch up on Netflix. You probably won’t feel like getting together with friends, anyways. The one good thing about pinkeye is that you usually feel better very quickly.

These’re some tips to help you get through pink eye. Have you ever had pink eye? What tips would you add?

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