17 Things You Should Never do While Drunk ...


17 Things You Should Never do While Drunk ...
17 Things You Should Never do While Drunk ...

As long as you drink responsibly, there's nothing wrong with sipping on a few margaritas. Of course, while you're under the influence, there are a few things you should refrain from doing. Otherwise, you could end up injured or embarrassed. To save yourself from a lifetime of regrets, here are a few things you should never do while you're drunk:

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Drive You've heard this a million times, and you'll hear it a million more. Never get behind the wheel after drinking. You don't want to endanger yourself or others.


Text Your Ex

Some of us get a little emotional after drinking. However, you'll regret texting your ex about how much you miss him or how much you hate him.


Text Your Parents

Text Your Parents You don't want to text your parents while drunk, either, because you could end up looking immature. It's best to keep your phone far away.


Do Your Homework

If you have an essay to write, wait until you sober up to work on it. You don't want to hand in sloppy work, do you?


Send Important Emails

Don't send an email to your boss after you've been drinking. You don't want your fun Friday nights to negatively impact your reputation in the workplace.


Make Plans with Friends for the Next Day

Make Plans with Friends for the Next Day When you're drunk, you'll want to see all of your friends and go on crazy adventures. However, when you wake up, you'll regret the plans you made, because you won't actually want to follow through with them.


Shop Online

Drinking and shopping don't mix. Since you won't be thinking clearly, you'll end up spending much more money than you should be.


Upload Selfies on Instagram

Upload Selfies on Instagram You probably won't take the most flattering pictures of yourself while drunk. Snap as many selfies as you'd like, but don't upload them until you can look them over in the morning.


Go to a Quiet Place

Go to a Quiet Place Don't drink and then head to the library, or even the movie theater. If you cause a ruckus, you'll get kicked out.


Make Facebook Statuses

You don't want to make any embarrassing Facebook statuses after drinking. Stay off of social media until the alcohol wears off.


Go Grocery Shopping

Go Grocery Shopping If you get really hungry after drinking, you're going to end up buying ridiculous food products you'll never eat the next day.


Get into a Fight

Get into a Fight Don't get into a fist fight while drinking. Your body won't be as nimble as you'd like it to be, so you're bound to lose.


Insist You’re Sober

When you're drunk, everyone will know it. There's no reason to keep on insisting that you're sober when everyone knows you're not.


Sing Karaoke

Sing Karaoke Unless you want your friends to post an embarrassing video of you singing on Facebook, try to stay away from Karaoke bars. You won't sound as good as you think you will.


Admit Your Deepest Secrets

If you wouldn't tell someone your secrets while sober, don't tell them while drunk. They're called "secrets" for a reason.


Cook on the Stove

If you want a snack while drinking, use the microwave. Don't try to cook anything on the stove or in the oven, because you don't want to end up burning the house down.


Get a Tattoo

Get a Tattoo It's dangerous to get a tattoo while drunk, because the alcohol messes with your blood. Of course, aside from that, you could end up with a ridiculous design that you'll want to remove the next day.

Drinking responsibly means that you won't do anything foolish while under the influence. Have you ever done any of these things while drunk and regretted it?

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I don't either but I still agree if you do don't do any of this !

I've done all but 9

I meant 9 of them

Don't get drunk in the first place...

I don't drink so...

i havent done any of these but ive kissed my friends ex while drunk and i regret it

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