This is What Happens to Your Brain when You Exercise ...


This is What Happens to Your Brain when You Exercise ...
This is What Happens to Your Brain when You Exercise ...

Exercise can give you a rocking body, ward off stress and make you feel incredible and that is pretty much all, right? That could not be farther from the truth because exercise results are more than just skin deep. Exercise can boost your brain, increase your smarts, elevate your mood, quicken your reaction time and even better cognitive functionality. Studies show that children that exercise can concentrate more efficiently at school. And adults have more patience and better coping skills from the sweat that is shed in their workouts. If you need more reasons to lace up those kicks, check out what happens to your brain when you exercise!

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Boosts Your Brain

hair, clothing, person, black hair, photography, Exercise is like a superfood for the brain. It improves cognitive function, gets rid of delays and can help you to ace your next exam. Just 30 minutes to an hour daily can help you to sharpen your intelligence and even have a better grasp on reality!


Elevates Your Mood

human positions, clothing, person, sitting, thigh, Because of the increase in endorphins and other happy chemicals in the brain, exercise can make you seriously smile. Sweating it out with a great workout can have unexpected changes in your mood and just help you to feel better. You will learn to cope better with the stressors of life and smile with satisfaction of each day!


Makes You Think Twice before Making Poor Food Choices

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, gravure idol, thigh, Gone are the days where you could not handle the uncontrollable urge to make poor food choices. Because exercise will help you to think twice before you eat that cake that will sabotage your effort in exercise. Exercise just helps you to think clearer and make better choices. You will be more level headed and aware of the consequences if you were to choose the donut instead of the apple. And as a result you will get in better shape!


Lowers Risk of Dementia

underpants, clothing, undergarment, active undergarment, briefs, Exercise can lower your risk of dementia and other cognitive issues that develop from age. Exercise is like a daily time machine to zap you a younger, healthier self. This is age prevention that can keep you younger and feel stronger with each passing day! So keep your body and brain younger by exercising every day!


Increases Your Memory

clothing, leg, physical fitness, Sharpen your memory from your daily sweat session because exercise is proven to increase your memory. This is a great way to prevent early aging since our memory is usually diminished as we get older. And you can avoid searching mindlessly for your keys that you lose on a daily basis.


Betters Your Reaction Time

clothing, swimwear, undergarment, brown hair, supermodel, Studies show that just 30 minutes of running increased reaction time for a group of undergraduates and as a result they performed better. So lace up your running sneakers to see a profound effort in your test results and ensure you finish on time!


Increases Your Concentration

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, supermodel, active undergarment, Having trouble staying focused on one thing? Notice the extraordinary difference in your concentration because you squeezed in your workout today. If you find you are not focused, take a break from your work to go for a walk or run and reclaim your brain focus!


Alleviates Stress

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, black hair, blond, Exercise releases neurochemicals in the brain-endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine-this release elevates the mood and purges stress hormones- cortisol and adrenaline-out of the body. Exercise also swaps your focus on the stress at hand to the act itself. This helps keep an elevated mood for extended periods of time and helps the body learn to suppress those negative hormones.


Helps You Sleep Better

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, dress, little black dress, Exercise exhausts your body and mind in all the right ways. Since sleep is so crucial to brain function, it's no surprise these two go hand in hand. You're quality of sleep is improved with exercise because it is linked to reduced insomnia and sleep disturbances.


Helps You Deal with Emotions

clothing, woman, human positions, girl, beauty, Since it's shown exercise can boost your mood, it's good to know exercise can also help you control your other emotions too. Those who are physically fit and active are capable of allowing less to trouble them vs those who don't exercise. It increases patience, understanding, and a more positive outlook in the long run.

So go ahead and be amazed by the profound difference in your focus because you made time for your workout on the daily. And live a longer, healthier and more intelligent life because you chose to exercise each and every day!

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I workout alone ! In fact I'm the only girl in the weight room most of the time at my gym. No of my friends have the fitness mentality but I feel and look great. So give it a try!!

You can workout with a friend

I wish I had a workout partner

No need for a workout partner!! I would suggest a trainer or a gym with a class if you need someone with you

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