This is Why You Should Turn off Netflix and Get outside ...


This is Why You Should Turn off Netflix and Get outside ...
This is Why You Should Turn off Netflix and Get outside ...

Binge watching Netflix is becoming a national pastime. If you’re old enough to know the days when your favorite show was only on once a week and you had to be at home to watch it because there was no device to record it, you will truly appreciate binge watching. If you’re younger, binge watching is just something normal for you to do. Trouble is, binge watching is not especially good for you. Here’s why you should cut down on binge watching.

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It’s Sedentary

Sitting in front of the TV for upwards of 10 hours to try to binge an entire season in a single day isn’t the healthiest of options. Your body needs activity so break up your Netflix watching habit with periods of walking around, take a trip to the shops or go for a lap around the park!


TV Jealousy

You know you’ve been binge watching for too long when you start to feel real human jealousy with regards to situations that are happening in all of your favorite shows. You need to spend less time in those fakes worlds and concentrate on the real world! The world is turning, science is discovering new galaxies, there’s a presidential election looming …



One of the reasons why you should stop binge-watching Netflix is that it can seriously limit your conversational skills throughout the day! If the only words you and your friend or partner say to each other are things like “shall we watch another one?” or “turn it up a little bit”, then there is some real conversation that is being missed out on. Turn off the TV for once and commit to having a proper chat!


No Tan

The winter is over and the sun is starting to come out more and more, so why is your skin still the same shade of pale as Disney’s Snow White!? Oh, right, it’s because you haven’t been outside of your house for weeks because of your excessive binge watching tendencies! Get out in the sunshine. You NEED vitamin D. You don’t need burned out retinas.


Automatic Habit

And talking of retinas … You know you shouldn’t stare at a computer screen all day without regular breaks so why do it with the TV? You need to try really hard to break out of the habit of just letting the next episode begin automatically, that’s how Netflix gets you! Make the decision to watch maybe two episodes in a row, and then summon all of your will power to switch off the TV before the next episode comes rolling in!


Human Contact

You can’t remember the last time you had a conversation with an actual person rather than just talking back to the TV screen when something of note happened in your favorite show. Or even worse, the last conversation you did have with a human was about Netflix!


Confused Reality

You know it’s time to log out of Netflix when you find yourself talking about your favorite characters as if they are actually real people. Sure, I love Kimmy Schmidt and Frank Underwood as much as the next person, but not to the extent that I reference them as if they were alive!


Sneeze Attack

Hard core bingers will know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that strange phenomenon that takes place when you spend hours and hours inside, step outside for a moment and the sun attacks your senses so that you have a sneezing fit! The outdoors is your friend. Remind yourself of that more often.


Still Watching?

This is the final straw in the life of a Netflix addict. That dreaded occasion when Netflix actually suspects you might have died because you have been watching for so long and asks “are you still watching?”, the shame! Make the decision to never ever again see that message.

You don’t have to give up Netflix. Just remember there’s more to life!

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