7 Tips for Dealing with Allergies ...

If you have become deaf to your own sniffling and wake up with the inability to use your nose, chances are you could use a few tips for dealing with allergies. Good thing I have had allergies since I wore diapers and have racked up quite a few tricks for dealing with them along the way! When it comes to allergies, the first step to fighting them is admitting you, in fact, do not have an annual month-long cold. You have allergies. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's talk about a few tips for dealing with allergies that will make your nose, friends, co-workers, and spouse a bit happier as well!

1. Honey, Honey

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The neatest of the tips for dealing with allergies that I ever heard comes from my step-mom. She gets allergies, but I have never seen her blow her nose or itch her eyes. The woman must be magic. Her biggest trick is to get locally sourced honey and drink it in your tea at least once per day. Apparently, local honey has the pollen that we are exposed to in it and this makes our bodies better able to deal with it in life.

2. Cinnamon

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Here is another thing that you can mix with your tea and helps with the sniffles and itching. Cinnamon is a very common ingredient in all natural allergy remedies. Cinnamon also has a stimulating effect on the respiratory system and can help us lose weight!

3. Know What Your Allergy is

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Most people who get allergies think that they are allergic to tree pollen. It turns out, they could be very wrong. The majority of people are actually allergic to grass pollen and have been treating the wrong thing. Find out what you are allergic to by visiting a doctor who specializes in allergies.

4. Retinol Lotion

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My nose use to get so red and swollen from all the tissues used during allergy season. Then, I started using a retinol cream every night and the redness is gone! The best tip is to get one that works. The drugstore brands do not have enough retinol to do any good, so it's best to splurge on this product and only use it at night. Retinol diminishes in sunlight.

5. Windows

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If you are one of those who loves letting the spring air in, only open windows in the afternoon or evening. Pollen is at its worst in the morning. By opening windows in the morning, you are inviting a world of sniffles and itching the whole day long.

6. Neti Pots

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These things are crazy, but they work at reducing symptoms of allergies. If a neti pot is not your style, try using nasal sprays instead. Nasal sprays work about the same as neti pots, but can be a bit less messy. Hopefully.

7. Humidifiers

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Steam helps moisten dried nasal passages and remove extra mucus. Humidifiers are great to have at night and can even help with falling asleep or waking up by using different essential oils in the water. These also smell fantastic! If getting a humidifier is not an option, try pouring boiling water into a bowl, then put your head over it with a towel draped over both so none of the steam escapes.

These tips have helped me in allergy season, but don't forget that pets get allergies too. Animals show allergy symptoms through their skin. If your pooch has been extra itchy, it may be time for a visit to the vet. What other interesting things do you know about allergies?

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