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Dealing with annoying people can be somewhat erm... annoying, so it's always good to have a stock of tips for dealing with annoying people, just in case. Depending on the type of person you are there are a number of approaches as to how to deal with annoying people. Whether it is just a temporary situation or something you have to endure for a period of time, the following techniques may help you and your "situation." Here are 9 tips for dealing with annoying people.

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Cut to the Chase

Annoying people are often unpredictable and irrational, so if you become concerned that things could get ugly, then my advice with how to deal with annoying people in this case would be to seek legal advice. Even if it means calling a lawyer or your local law enforcement, talk the situation through with them, express your concerns and know your rights. I can't overstate the importance of this among my tips for dealing with annoying people.


What’s up Doc

We wouldn't be human if the people in our lives did not affect us one way or another. Unfortunately sometimes others around us can cause us unwanted stress and anxiety. Learning how to deal with annoying people is also about learning how to know when to ask for help. If you are not yourself lately, are over emotional or on edge, then go and see your Doctor. There are many services available for people experiencing periods of high stress and many options for you to explore.


Grab Some Chi

Meditation is well known for its calming qualities, it is said that only a few minutes of meditation a day can dramatically transform the quality of your life. Whatever the day may have in store for you, meditation is a useful technique in helping you deal with annoying people. Centre and calm yourself before you have left your house and aim to keep that sense of peace with you throughout your day.


Black and White

When you are at the end of your tether and an annoying person is being beyond unreasonable, it is all too easy to become over come with anger, upset or pure disbelief. This tip for learning how to deal with annoying people is a straight shooter. Simply cut the emotions. Pretend you are writing a report void of all emotions and feelings and only containing facts. Emotions pull us in and spin us around, whereas facts are just that - bits of information that we can use to move forward with proactively.


Button It

On one hand it can be extremely therapeutic to have a good vent to your friends about your problems, but sometimes situations can consume us and we make them our story instead of a temporary issue. The more you talk about something the bigger it becomes, so a pivotal aspect in your success of learning how to deal with annoying people is to promise yourself you will not go on about it all the time. Endless complaining doesn't do anyone any favours and can bore the socks off of people!

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee


When you feel like you are taking some blows and an annoying person is personally attacking you or causing you stress, then do yourself a favour and be kind to yourself. This tip for how to deal with annoying people can be both rewarding and relaxing. Take a bath, treat yourself to a manicure or loose yourself in your favourite read; do whatever you need to do to feel good and well taken care of.


Put It down

This is more of how not to deal with annoying people than how to deal with annoying people, but I think it is important none the less. Stay off the booze. Alcohol is a depressant and often when we think we are drinking our sorrows away, we are more than likely only drowning ourselves in them. Keep it clean so you have a good head on you and feel ready to handle whatever issues may arise.


Play Detective

This is a proactive approach as to how to deal with annoying people. A friend of mine started a new job a few months ago and there was a woman in her team who was rude, uncooperative and difficult to deal with from day one. My friend struggled with the situation and worried that it would affect her job as it was making her miserable. But after carefully asking around she was told that the woman in question is always like that with new people and if you ignore her then she eventually lay off. Try to figure out if it is not just you that is having the issue with the person or is it in fact how they deal with everyone.


Keep Cool

You need two people for there to be a situation or a drama. No matter what your difficult person says or does remember that feeding into their antics will only fuel the fire. One of the best ways of how to deal with a annoying person is to simply keep calm and carry on (despite what the voices in your head tell you!).

It never easy trying to deal with impossible people, but these 9 tips on how to deal with annoying people will hopefully help you on your way. Can anyone else make any suggestions or have you tried any of the above before?

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