8 Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life ...


8 Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life ...
8 Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life ...

Ever wonder about tips for finding happiness? Sometimes if may seem like everyone else is happy. You may wonder what their secrets are to happiness. The truth is being happy is a lot easier than what you think. It’s not about having more money or better stuff. It’s not about more friends or a nicer house. If you really want tips for finding happiness than you are going to have to check out these 8 tips for finding happiness in your life.

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Positive People

Do you have positive people in your life? If you are surrounded by constant negativity and people causing drama, they very well could be putting a damper on your happiness. It may not be possible to remove these people from your life completely, but I suggest putting as much distance between you and them as possible.



Are you thankful for the things you already have? The best tip for finding happiness is to show gratitude for what you have. Do you have a job? Friends and family that love you? Good, be thankful. It may not be your dream job and your family may not be perfect, but it’s a something and that’s a great place to start.


Celebrate You

You may not know it, but you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything about you is amazing. Embrace those things that make you different than everyone else. The things that I hated about myself as a teenager and young adult are the things that make me the woman I am proud of now. The sooner you learn to celebrate those things about yourself the happier you will be.



Some people believe the true way to find happiness is through helping others. Volunteering does so much for a person. If you are feeling depressed and are spending too much time worrying, then you need something to distract you. Volunteering gives you something else to focus on and a different perspective on your own life. You may quickly come to realize your worries are small in comparison.


Find Your Strength

Everyone has talents. Everyone has things they are good at. One tips for finding happiness is to tap into those talents and give it all you got. Succeed at what you are good at. If you aren’t sure what your strengths are ask a close friend or family member what they think. You might be surprised what others see as your strengths.


Me Time

Sometimes we just get burned out. It’s okay to follow this tip for happiness and take a little break. Schedule some time for yourself. Take a day away from everyone and everything and just reload. It is normal to feel burned out and in need of a little refreshing.


Evaluate Your Goals

Do you have hopes and dreams? Have you set realistic goals for yourself? If you are on a weight loss journey or trying to pay off debt you may be focusing on the big picture and the ultimate goal, but not celebrating the small victories along the way. I suggest looking at your goals and setting small achievable goals and celebrating each victory with vigor.


Cut Clutter

Are you surrounded by clutter? Look at your living space or even just your bedroom. Do you love the things around you? Some experts suggest this tip for finding happiness. The same way people causing drama can suck the happiness out of your life, so can clutter. If you don’t absolute love the things that surround you, get rid of them.

Finding happiness isn’t hard. It’s a matter of following the right tips for happiness and putting them to action. Which of these tips for finding happiness do you plan to focus on? Do you think they will make a difference in your life? Let me know what tips for happiness you have.

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Very true :)

How true! We should learn to give thanks for the good things we take for granted in our lives!

so true!!! (via Twitter)

Nice article! I love "celebrate the small victories" one most :)

What a wonderful article..<3

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